Why the Mars One Mission finalists should bring pot

By Oscar Pascual |

Intergalactic non-profit organization Mars One named the 100 finalists this week for their fateful 2025 expedition to the Red Planet.

The finalists will now be subjected to a series of tests in an attempt to find the four most suitable astronauts willing to leave Earth permanently in a one-way voyage to Mars, where they hope to form a human colonization.

That level of life-long sacrifice is a bit much for most of us to pay — Boing Boing‘s Xeni Jardin included — especially if it’s without weed. The eight months spent in orbit is painfully long without partaking in greenery, much less an entire lifetime spent colonizing an uncharted planet.

But according to Mars One finalist Ryan MacDonald, growing sweet cheeba in space is possible. MacDonald replied to Jardin’s concern for lack of weed in a now-deleted tweet saying, “You’d be amazed what can be done with the hydroponics bay.”

It could be argued that growing marijuana on Mars is not only possible, it is essential.

A 2012 Huffington Post article argued that Martian colonists need weed for several reasons. Aside from enhancing the already trippy visuals that await, a new settlement on Mars would greatly benefit from the myriad uses of industrial hemp. Moreover, a civilization free of the war on drugs could instead dedicate their resources towards education, arts, science, and medicine.

In fact, medicine could quite possibly be the main reason for bringing weed to Mars.

Although the four chosen finalists will have gone through rigorous physical and emotional testing and training prior to launch, they will surely benefit from the therapeutic qualities of medical marijuana.

A strain apropos the situation is the aptly-named Mars OG, a heavy Indica that would provide a non-toxic sedative for the extended amount of sleep and relaxation needed on the 8-9 month journey through the cosmos. Its euphoric effects will surely be needed to combat the symptoms of space madness as well.

The thought of leaving home with the certain future of dying in the far reaches of nothingness is bound to take its emotional toll on these four brave individuals. The least they could do for themselves is smoke on some Mars OG, which is also known to be an effective treatment for psychological disorders like post-traumatic stress and depression.

But if all that isn’t reason enough, the mere possibility of smoking a joint on a rocket while listening to Bowie’s “Space Oddity” would be pretty awesome.