White Fox, the First Ayurvedic Cannabis Vape Pen

It hits some high notes, but its claims of sexy benefits turn out to be a little limp.

You might be looking for a sexy cannabis gift for Valentine’s Day. And you might find a vape pen that catches your attention with talk of “legendary sexual performance.”

That pen is from White Fox, whose new line of vape cartridges and pens touts Ayurvedic qualities and sex-focused formulations. White Fox is a previously underground Northern California cannabis company whose leadership team includes Beats Antique drummer Sidecar Tommy.

SF Weekly took a few tokes of White Fox’s three new vaping varieties, and found them to be first-class offerings with oil as good as anything else out there. But the claims of enhanced dreams and increased sexual energy seem to be, well, compensating for something.

White Fox pens and cartridges come in incredibly handsome packaging. So in that sense, they do make a fine romantic gift. A deluxe gift box set that comes with a pen retails at about $75, while individual cartridges cost around $50 (before state and local taxes).

The two supposedly sexy vape cartridges are one-to-one CBD-to-THC formulations; a version called Untamed is meant for the ladies and another named Legendary is intended for gents. The label on the men’s product lists “an increase in stamina and sexual sensitivity” as a benefit, which sounds like something you’d hear on a late-night TV commercial for a wannabe-Viagra supplement.

The high-THC, relaxing distillate Mystic Dreams is a very solid nighttime variety. It bills itself as an “ancient Ayurvedic herbal blend” and contains some herbs described in Ayurveda. But we did not encounter the lucid dream state described on the exterior packaging.    

We did get a mild euphoria that took the edge off for our frontal lobes, and sent tingles down our shoulders. It’s certainly quality cannabis extract.

White Fox’s vape pens are sold in a very elegant box that could serve as a cartridge carrying case, should you ever really need such a thing. The deluxe set’s pen has a reliable build that’s better than the average vape stick.

And sure, White Fox vapes are fun for sex — just like any cannabis product will juice up your encounters in the boudoir. But SF Weekly did not experience an enhanced degree of arousal or erections after smoking them. And while there are a few Ayurvedic herbs among the ingredients, we’re not sure if practitioners of the sacred tradition would be on balance with an Ayurvedic-branded vape pen.   

Potency: Fast-acting and long-lasting, the THC-dominant Mystic Dreams is a strong couch-locking nightcap.

Smell: There are hints of smoky aroma in the puffs you exhaust, but nowhere near the stink of raw flower.

Taste: Grape bubblegummy hints are notable in an otherwise clean, smokeless flavor.

Appearance: Exceptionally well-crafted and sturdy, although the bright white tips of individually sold cartridges might clash with the color scheme of your go-to pen. 

Medical Application: These little friends have benefits, but SF Weekly found no verification for the sexual or Ayurvedic claims made on the packaging.

Effect: A relaxing and satisfying high, but the promised sexual superpowers are pretty much on par with what you’d get from any decent vape oil.


Available in San Francisco at Luv Delivery. Visit for details.