The world moves at a dizzying pace. Cellphones buzz, computers whizz, and cannabis connoisseurs may increasingly turn to their laps to roll a hurried midday joint. But life mustn’t be messy! Enter the iChief, a cellphone case constructed for the new technological age of ganja-rolling convenience. Whereas some phone cases boast battery power, the iChief does one better, with a slot along its side to stash rolling papers.

And techno-tokers can roll a joint in the curved dip on the right side of the case’s back. The one drawback? The case is only available for the iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s, though the iChief team plans to release iPhone6 and Android versions soon. The iChief portable rolling station proves that in the digital age, even stoners need an option to busily manage their business (rolling) on the go.

Smokebuddy personal air filter
$19.95, smokebuddy.com

Whether you have sensitive roommates or family, alternatives abound for smokers who wish to keep their smoke to a minimum: edibles, vaporizers, gas masks, among others. But if one prefers a pipe, a joint, or a long bong rip, the conundrum of ridding oneself of bothersome smoke remains. Don’t worry, the Smokebuddy is here for you. The device works simply. Take a hit, as normal, and blow your smoke into the small grenade-sized device. The air blows out, filtered by the device, fairly odorless. Though the material of the Smokebuddy’s build doesn’t feel high quality, necessarily, the product works as advertised. And Smokebuddy even offers a “junior” sized device, for those who need to slip their personal filter into their pockets. Daily tokers beware, as the device is good for 300 uses. Not bad, for 20 bucks.

SuperC: Precision CO2 Extractor
$3,200, ocolabs.com
Budding cannabis cooks, dabbers, and small businesspeople may have a lot to like about the SuperC CO2 extractor from Ocolabs. At $3,200, it’s a uniquely affordable way to get started extracting oil from cannabis. Ocolabs bills its device as “the world’s smallest supercritical extractor.” We haven’t exactly taken a poll, but the device itself is rather tiny: At just about 2 feet long, some novelty bongs exceed it in size. It’s not quite ready for operation out of the box, though, as Ocolabs recommends coconut oil for lubrication and a non-drip CO2 tank. But once those are in places, the possibilities are endless. Hash oil for vaporizers, tincture cannabis medicine, THC infused food, and more. Just take care with your dabbing; Word on the herb-vine is that it’s rather potent.