#WeedTech: Ready, Aim, Rate

Rate My Weed
Available on iOS

Some cannabis connoisseurs can take one whiff of a flower and immediately judge the quality of the plant. For those of us without keen nostrils, there’s an app for that. Rate My Weed, offered for free on the Apple app store (no Android version yet), utilizes your iPhone’s camera app to scan your cannabis and offer a rating on a scale of 1
to 5.

“Jackpot, 5/5” the app told SF Evergreen, after we scanned a strain of top-shelf Girl Scout Cookies. To our eyes, that particular bud was bursting with crystals, so right on. But to our Humboldt Royal Kush outdoor-grown bud, Rate My Weed lamented “Where’d you get this from? 2 / 5.”

And the app was far from consistent. After re-scanning that same bud, only a bit closer, Rate My Weed gave it a 3.5/5, writing “That’s some OG.” Just to make sure the app was on the ups, we tried scanning some granola. “Are you even a pothead?” it read. Good catch, app.

Rate My Weed may not be perfect, but you can’t beat the price: Free. And maybe you’ll gain a truly discerning eye for marijuana along the way.

Six Shooter Pipe
Available at www.grasscity.com

The six-shooter pipe answers a question no one has ever asked: Why settle for a pipe with one bowl, when you can have six?

The six rotating bowls allow for a “cannabis sampler” of sorts, or for bowls for each person to whom you pass your pipe. Because sometimes bud is best enjoyed separately, especially with friends who tend to scorch the weed.

Fear not: The bowls aren’t mere one-hitters, so you can share your variety pack with a few friends.
The pipe itself is about 5 inches long, with a metallic sheen reminiscent of the its Wild West gun theme (just remember to intersperse conversation with “I reckon” while you’ve got this pipe in hand). The original six-shooter bowl was apparently popular enough with retailer Grass City to sell out completely, but a copycat soon sprouted up. The new, slightly more affordable version has a grinder at the bottom of the pipe, a welcome addition.