Weed may be the nontoxic, natural beauty aid we’ve been waiting for

Beauty is a $43 billion a year industry in America. Before leaving the house each morning, the average American woman applies 12 cosmetic products — some of which contain known toxins and carcinogens, Bloomberg News reported.

This is the market segment where natural cannabis products — oils, topicals, and marijuana-based baths, some of which are non-psychoactive — could truly take over, say the women behind the Om Grown All-Female Collective.

“It’s about the mind-body connection. Stress literally causes aging,” says collective member Maya (who declined to give her last name). “In a real way, cannabis keeps me young.”

Their crew’s signature product is unlike anything else on the market: a package of cannabis-infused bath salts.

Turns out there’s science behind why soaking in a plant-based medicine is a healing activity. Numerous ailments stem from the acidification of the body, when our natural chemical balance is out of whack.

Like a good night’s sleep, the medicated Epsom salt bath aids the alkalization of the body, Maya says, who wagers there’s room in the market for similar cannabis-based beauty products.

“Our intent is to put cannabis back where it belongs: in the category of healing herbs and super foods,” she says.

It’s catching on.

Om’s Medicated Lavender Epsom Salts, available in San Francisco via the Vapor Room delivery service or at the Love Shack on 14th Street, won second place at the Southern California High Times Cannabis Cup in February.