WAMM fundraising to buy Santa Cruz garden

The Santa Cruz-based Wo/Mens’ Alliance for Medical Marijuana is the “gold standard” for California medical marijuana collectives for a host of reasons. Top-shelf organic medicine is given away to sick people for free, as is the whole plant oil that some patients have credited for shrinking tumors. The rest of us pay rock bottom prices.

Now, they need your help to make sure this cannabis charity can continue.

The collective is crowdfunding to purchase the garden in the Santa Cruz Mountains where some of WAMM’s 900 patients help to grow their own medicine, as they have for decades.

It’s hard to overstate WAMM’s meaning in the medical marijuana movement. The collective started in 1993, before Prop. 215. The garden has survived a 2002 Drug Enforcement Administration raid, and is still going strong — and growing heirloom strains not seen anywhere else.

The land is owned by co-founder Valerie Corral and her husband. The Corrals are finalizing their divorce, meaning the land needs to be “divvied up,” as the Santa Cruz Sentinel put it.

Cash is necessary for the collective to purchase the land and be the long-term owner…possibly forever. WAMM is aiming to raise $150,000 in two months. By press deadline, 10 days into an Indiegogo campaign, about $15,000 had been pledged.

To find out more and to donate, visit their website and their IndieGoGo.

Photo by Chris Roberts