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People’s Cannabis vape cartridges slash the price tag of a half-gram oil cartridge, but still deliver a high-quality high.

A 500-milligram vape oil cartridge generally sets you back anywhere from $35 to $60. Those prices scare a lot of people off to whatever’s on the $5 joint bargain shelf.

Those people ought to know about People’s Cannabis, a new, lower-cost vape oil cartridge cooked up in Berkeley. These retail at around just $20 — depending on your local sales tax — for affordable, accessible cannabis that won’t leave your budget baked.

“The point of People’s Cannabis is we’re trying to be the lowest cost point for that quality bracket,” says Elvis McGovern, CEO of People’s Cannabis and the WeirdScience  Labs that manufactures the oil. “What we’re seeing recently is there’s a lot of sticker shock in the industry. We wanted to bring a quality product at an affordable price.”

The craftsmanship of People’s Cannabis is solid: The units are not as cheap or poorly produced as some of their higher-priced competitors. And the long-lasting half-gram cartridge is available in indica, sativa, or a hybrid.

“It’s got a very robust cannabis flavor to it. You don’t have these synthetic flavors in there,” McGovern tells SF Evergreen. “Our first launch is a 100-percent cannabis cartridge. A lot of cartridges will use diluting agents. We don’t use any of that.”

These cartridges are purer and cheaper because oil extractor Weird Science Labs and cartridge manufacturer People’s Cannabis are run by the same team, creating efficiencies other vape brands can’t achieve.

“This is kind of your direct-from-the-manufacturer brand,” McGovern says. “This is the direct line.”

My background’s in chemical engineering, I’ve been working in renewable energy, biofuels, and waste-oil recovery, so I’ve used a lot of the equipment and technology before,” McGovern tells us. “We custom developed our own processing system, basically optimized for cannabis. That allows us to produce at a lower price point. The economy of scale is there for us.”

For the user, it’s an exceptionally clean-tasting oil that packs more punch than most cartridges that don’t have the same effect as flower. And People’s Cannabis is working their low-priced magic on a number of other marijuana products in the works.

“Our goal is to launch a few more products over the course of the year,” says McGovern. “Next up, we have tablets coming out, which we’re hoping will be the lowest price per milligram on the market for cannabis in general.”

People’s Cannabis is also working on infused beverages, a “personal lubricant,” and a few edibles they’ll release in the near future.

Whether your People’s Cannabis cartridges are $20 or a few dollars more depends on your local taxes. East Bay vapers can order them through Community Gardens delivery, and the cartridges are available at dispensaries in San Francisco and statewide.

At half the price of standard THC oil cartridges, People’s Cannabis surprises with pretty exceptional potency and quality. These refills aren’t just easy on the pocketbook, they’re easy on the highs.

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