The Vapium Weekender Edition

We’ve all been there: high atop one of nature’s majestic vistas, fingers pleading clumsily with a temperamental lighter to torch the green off the glass bowl, packed between your kneecaps. Completely at Mother Nature’s mercy, praying that the next gust of wind doesn’t carry the carefully-packed gram back down the mountain where it came.

Moments like these are why Jah — and/or science — invented the portable vaporizer.

Yet even this modern advancement in marijuana mobility is not without its potential pitfalls. The thing still has to rely on a battery, right? And something inevitably comes between you and your buzz precisely in the places where you’d appreciate it the most.

Next time you’re venturing off the grid, plan ahead with Valium’s Weekender Edition Covert. The pocket-friendly vape comes with its own solar charger — a USB-ready panel, roughly the size of your new iPhone — meaning it’s a practical, environmentally-friendly solution to vaporizing during a long stretch in the wilderness.

Its rugged design allows you to easily strap it to the outside of your gear, ensuring a continual, portable power source, as you venture further and further away from civilization. Lighters and batteries in the backcountry? That’s so 2014. Welcome to a bright new future in the forest.


Cool Factor: Solar powered vaping? Sweet. It’s an electronic upgrade from when you used to take hits with a magnifying glass, back in the day. And this doesn’t threaten to blind you, which is a tasty bonus.

Practicality: Although it’s super easy to load, with a magnetic top to seal the flower in the oven, it takes several minutes, and several hits to really get the vapor flowing. The Weekender touts eight temperature settings, ranging from 320 to 450 degrees fahrenheit, but it’s pretty much a waste of time to go below the top two intervals. Once it’s pulling, however, the experience is enjoyable, with the distinct flavors and aromas of Christmas pine to pass thru the mouthpiece. The half pound gadget feels sturdy, as does its solar charging counterpart — which can conveniently be used to juice up any USB-compatible device.

Affordability: The set retails at $190, which is in the general ballpark of most high-end portable vapes these days. Because it includes the solar panel, with its broad compatibility beyond the vaporizer itself, the Weekender Edition is more than reasonably priced for what you get.

Overall: Valium’s newest ganja gizmo markets itself as a rugged, transportable vape for the outdoor enthusiast. It delivers on that promise, relying upon nifty technology and intuitive design. Its lone drawback is in the vaporization mechanism itself. Having to burn at higher temperatures drains battery life at a much higher clip. Of course, so long as the sun is shining, this will never be an issue.

Score: 4/5