Hepburns 1

Review: The Hepburns, Batch #1

(Cannabis: Ambrosia / Hash: Grapefruit Haze)

Pre-rolled joints are easy and convenient, but they are frequently filled with a mystery mix of subpar flowers, shake, and even trim. On the other end of the spectrum, there are a handful of brands offering premium pre-rolls that claim to contain top-shelf flowers, many of which are blended with concentrates for extra oomph.

The Hepburns are pre-rolled cones with solventless ice water hash, “hand-produced with love and carefully selected for quality” by a small, Bay Area-based, “lady-run” collective. Although we prefer fresh flowers and tend to avoid pre-rolls and concentrates, the Hepburns won us over right away.

This first batch, made with Ambrosia cannabis flower and Grapefruit Haze hash from French Laundry, is sweetly dank with a delightful buzz.

We can’t help but be charmed by the unabashedly girly packaging. It shamelessly panders to female smokers with a delicately dainty design that incorporates an appealing lilac hue with a classic Alice in Wonderland illustration and a name that invokes style icons Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn.

Pre-rolls are inevitably somewhat stale in comparison to rolling your own with freshly ground flowers, but though the Hepburns’ tin container is not airtight, these cones are not overly dry, perhaps because the hash helps preserve moisture.

A sweet, skunky, floral aroma permeates the rolling paper, and the flavor evokes an alpine meadow full of wildflowers, with notes of soil, spearmint, and grapefruit. It’s surprisingly smooth, with a pleasant hashy taste and a slight burn at the back of the throat that may eventually turn into a cough if not quenched with a sip of water.

The effect begins as a subtle lifting sensation and a simultaneous sense of heaviness that gradually builds to a fairly dramatic peak and then slowly descends into dreamy relaxation, like riding a giant Ferris wheel for a single rotation while snuggled into an exceptionally soft and cozy hooded sweatshirt.

The lovely cerebral high is mood enhancing, perceptive, and lightly psychedelic, releasing mental tension and blocked emotions with no trace of anxiety, paranoia, or uncomfortable raciness. And the body stone is comfortable and functional. It’s potent but not overwhelmingly so, and would be ideal for sharing with one or two friends to enhance a concert, movie, hike, or party.

If, like us, you are more accustomed to smoking flowers than concentrates, the Hepburns are a nice way to dabble without dabbing and add a fun little kick to your high for a special occasion. Don’t hold on to them for too long, though, since they will dry out faster than properly stored flowers.

Hepburns are available directly from the Hepburns collective. You can join at www.hepburns.com.

They can also be found at a number of dispensaries and delivery services throughout the Bay Area, including Bloom Room, Barbary Coast, and CRAFT, and are reasonably priced at $50 or $55 for a tin of five cones.