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Ted Nugent Is Behind Medical Marijuana

By Chris Roberts |
Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

Go ahead and use medical cannabis.

You have Ted Nugent’s permission.

The crossbow-hunting, Obama-hating conservative rock-and-roller is A-Ok with you taking “a toke on the hippie weed if you need it,” Nugent wrote in an op-ed on The Daily Caller.

Why thanks, Uncle Ted.

What led to the Nuge getting behind the nugs? Was it the famously pro-military man’s realization that veterans suffering from chronic pain and PTSD were being denied access to the medicine of their choice? Was it coming to terms with an endless and pointless war on drugs — or was it, like with many of us, a personal experience with a loved one who found healing and solace via the magic plant?

None of the above. “I’ve always supported medical marijuana,” Nugent wrote, “especially for people with terminal diseases where marijuana may help to alleviate pain and suffering.”

So there’s that.

The conservative champion is still very pro-big government on the weed question, however. Nugent is still stridently in support of marijuana prohibition, and trots out all the old tried-and-untrue arguments in favor of banning a plant: “blurry-eyed and burned-out whackos ruining lives… stumbling their way to an early grave.”

Good news: as SF Evergreen noted yesterday, Americans are ignoring Nugent’s bad advice, much to their benefit. Teens’ marijuana use is up, according to a recent National Institute on Drug Abuse survey — and simultaneously, their use of alcohol and tobacco is down.

We don’t support teens using cannabis. Research suggests marijuana affects a developing brain in ways we still don’t fully understand. That said, we support kids using tobacco and alcohol much less, if that makes any sense.

So we’re happy crazy old Ted has had a brush with common sense. We just wish his conservative principles extended to social justice and personal freedoms.