A Grinder That Does The Work For You

One of the many stigmas that modern cannabis reform has helped to quash is the idea that pot consumers are lazy. There’s no denying that some strains are not meant to be paired with unbreakable plans, but the truth is that cannabis is also utilized by athletes, artists, performers, and others as a means of stoking creativity and focus.

Some, like author and speaker Steven Kotler, even believe that cannabis can be used to more rapidly entered what is known as the “flow state” — essentially an optimal mental state that is alternatively known as a “runner’s high” and so forth depending on the situation.

This is all to say that the advent of a cannabis grinder with “automatic” features is potentially a device targeting the past. The concept of an auto-grinder — a device that takes the effort out of grinding your cannabis down — is nothing new, but up until now, the only real appeal was the relief it offered one’s wrists.

Depending on how often you roll, this may never be an issue, but the Tectonic9 isn’t actually designed to address that aspect. Instead, this impressive piece of technology actually combines the joys of hand-grinding with the convenience of automatically-dispensed cannabis. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

First things first — is it easy to grind flower in the Tectonic9? Absolutely. The device features 28 diamond-shaped grinding teeth that made easy work of several strains, including the particularly difficult to grind (but oh so delicious) Ziablo from IC Collective. The resistance is minimal and leaves virtually no residue. Then it is time for the fun part.

The revelation of the Tectonic9 is that it allows one to dispense ground cannabis by means of a tiny stainless steel spout. That means you can have your grinder deliver your ground flower directly into a rolling paper, pipe, or bong without ever getting a cuticle sticky. Simply push a button and the device whirs to life, making a noticeable but innocuous vibration as it helps you on your way.

This thing makes rolling a joint a breeze — especially in atmospheres where dealing with tiny tidbits of cannabis may be undesirable or downright reckless. The Tectonic9 also boasts a viewing window (complete with LED light) so you can see how much ground flower you have left to work with. While there are a few standard elements missing from the design — a kief catcher, for one — the Tectonic9 does make a strong case to justify its $59.99 price tag.

As far as portability goes, this unit will never compete with the most discreet or lightweight alternatives on the market. That said, the weight (nine ounces) is hardly a dealbreaker. Thanks to the Tectonic9’s aluminum alloy body and textured grip, it also can hold its own in more rugged settings.

Overall, the Tectonic9 is a unicorn: a reason to buy a new grinder. You won’t find many of those, but kudos to the team at Cloudious9 for delivering an irresistible call to upgrade.

Potency: The power of the Tectonic9 is actually quite potent. The device utilizes a rechargeable 320mAh lithium ion battery. It will take an hour to charge (average), but it can be used between 60 to 120 times before a recharge is required (fantastic).

Appearance: Diameter/Height: 2.5” x 2.5”. Weight: 9 ounces. Space grade anodized aluminum alloy body, textured grinding grip with a sleek matte finish.

Medical application: Potentially significant. For those with arthritis or weakness in the hands and wrists, the Tectonic9 may provide a smoother, less strenuous grinding experience. Certainly for anyone who suffers from shaking or otherwise has difficulty with the precision required in transfering cannabis from a grinder to its consumption source, the automatic dispensing component should be a welcome relief.


Cloudious9’s Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder is expected to be released in October. For the latest, visit cloudious9.com/tectonic9.