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Take the Vapium Summit+ Vaporizer into the Rain

A unit devoted to ensuring you can smoke trees while out among them.

It was inevitable that we’d encounter a “weather-proof” vaporizer at some point. While the vaping technology implicitly seems to contradict the very nature of something being able to withstand the elements, the folks at Vapium are here to do their best Kevin Garnett impression in defiantly declaring that “anything is possible.”

During California’s long dry season, I was unable to fully put the Vapium Summit+ through its paces. However, the argument for why it’s waterproof is based on the unit’s IP54 rating. What in the name of almighty God is an IP54 rating, you ask? The initials stand for “Ingress Protection,” while the numbers correlate to a product’s ability to protect against solids and liquids, respectively. Thus an IP54 rating means that the newest member of Vapium family ranks at a five out of six on solids protection (like dust) and a four out of eight on liquids.

Long story short, the Vapium Summit+ should be able to handle both dirt and water spray (aka rain). That’s awesome, given that most cannabis consumers wouldn’t dream of taking a vaporizer that retails for $149.99 out into the elements. While there’s something to be said for the memories created by huddling under a tarp or hot-boxing a tent while toking up in the great outdoors, it’s still nice to have a compact, convenient alternative.

Another salient aspect of the Vapium is the fact that this vaporizer isn’t going to win any beauty contests. For those who covet sleekness, be warned that the Summit+ values function over form. The unit almost looks like a Taser with a squat body and wide mouthpiece.

Despite these somewhat unimpressive aesthetics, it should be noted that no one looks cool smoking pot. I don’t care if you’re hitting a custom-engraved crystal vaporizer in Hawaii at sunset or trading dabs with Snoop Dogg backstage — the fact of the matter is that no one should be worrying about the Instagram potential of their product instead of how well it works.

There is, however, an app (if apps are a deal-maker in your book). Alternately, the simplistic array of buttons is quite refreshing, as a surplus of lights and things to calibrate has rarely, if ever, led to a more enjoyable smoking session in my experience. That’s not to say the Vapium doesn’t have its fair share of ways to finesse its vapor output, but if you’re not interested in going too deep into details, the unit works fine without much tinkering.

The real question is why invest in the Summit+ rather than just tossing a disposable vape pen in your backpack before heading into the Great Outdoors. The answer is reliability. Given the variance that elements like altitude can have on a simple battery and cartridge combination, having a unit built to perform in the situation is a great relief for anyone who doesn’t want a trip to the forest to mean they might be without their preferred type of trees.

There are other nice touches too, including a magnetic oven chamber lid and a weather-proof carrying case. Designed to be durable and deliver under duress, the Summit+ may not be flashy, but it certainly is practical. At a price point that situates it on the more affordable side of personal vaporizers, Vapium has made a product that is ideal for a certain kind of user, but not necessarily your best bet if getting high under an open sky is likely to never be in your plans.

Potency: A sizeable chamber mean large hits are possible but the Vapium works best as a small-to-medium-hit device.

Appearance: With a blocky design, the Vapium Summit is a bit of an eyesore that values function over form.

Medical Application: If access to cannabis in the rugged outdoors is a concern, this vaporizer is a great way to ensure you can get your medicine any time and in any weather.

Effect: Hits smooth, but hardly the gold standard when compared to other vaporizers on the market.


The Vapium Summit+ retails for $149.99, available at