Strain Review: Raspberry Cookies

CRAFT Collective is a boutique-style delivery service. Its medicine’s artisan quality and consistency has earned it the loyalty of many Bay Area cannabis connoisseurs. CRAFT’s Clean Green Certified flowers are reliably potent, aromatic, flavorful, and nuanced, not to mention perfectly cured and trimmed.
Raspberry Cookies are a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Kush. The genetics were created in-house and are exclusive to CRAFT.

Potency: 19.8% THC, 0.3% CBD.

Appearance: These dense, pale green buds are thoroughly encrusted in shimmering white trichomes, with copious burnt orange hairs and occasional flecks of deep purple.

Aroma: An initial whiff of creamy shortbread tinged with sweet berry is soon overpowered by a pungent funk characteristic of OG Kush. That distinctive dankness becomes considerably more pronounced as the flower is broken apart, releasing a somewhat-skunky scent full of sharp lemon and pine with an undertone of diesel fuel.

Flavor: There’s a complex contrast of light, cheery sweetness alternating with astringent citrus and spicy soil. One moment, the taste is all buttery cookies and raspberry jam, with hints of mint and powdery floral perfume. Then the next puff puckers your lips with intense lemon and pine, followed by lingering earthiness.

Effect: Immediate floaty head high, and an easy body relaxation. Light, gentle, and pleasantly calming at first, but a heavier stone gradually creeps up and slows things down, steering you away from the cerebral side with a soft mental fuzziness. Despite a sinking sensation, profoundly droopy eyelids, and a foggy, faded mind, the stoniness remains physically functional and lucid.

Medical Applicability: This soothing, indica-dominant strain is ideal for treating anxiety, stress, tension, and aggravation. It is not particularly mood enhancing and would not be appropriate for depression. It provides moderate pain relief and muscle relaxation, and might also prove effective for patients with ADD or ADHD.

Overall Impression: CRAFT’s Raspberry Cookies are a swirl of contradictions. Both airy and dank, neither sedative nor energetic; it’s heavy enough to be grounding, yet light enough to keep you on your toes.

CRAFT Collective

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