Strain Review: Blue Dream is Old Reliable

Just over a year ago, I received my medical marijuana recommendation for my joint pain. I wanted to maximize my pain relief, so I searched for best strains to relieve this specific pain.

The first strain that was recommended was Blue Dream, one of cannabis’s best-known strains. Over the past year, I’ve tried many different strains but always come back to Blue Dream.

Blue Dream is a classic hybrid strain between Blueberry and Haze. It’s been a longtime California favorite; whether it’s the medical applications or the long, intense high, Blue Dream never disappoints. However, in the same way that wine drinkers distinguish between varieties of Chardonnay, it’s always nice to find a dispensary or delivery service that has Blue Dream suited to your needs.

In my case, that’s the outdoor organic Blue Dream available at the Patio Wellness delivery service. Sealing the deal was the amazing value: Patio offers an eighth of Blue Dream for $35 (or a quarter for $50).

This strain of Blue Dream has become my absolute go-to. It’s surprisingly great quality for such a low price. The high is social, extremely relaxing, and provides pain relief. However, it can also make you very sleepy and unmotivated (whether you see those as positives or negatives is up to interpretation).

After the first hit, you get what I like to call the “tinglies” — a wave of sensation flowing through your body, emanating outward from your lungs, causing all the hair on your body to stand up straight and give you goose bumps. Usually it only takes a small bowl before I’m either half zoned out on a Netflix binge or laughing uncontrollably with friends.

If I smoke a second bowl, I’m in bed asleep 20 minutes later, so pace yourself! The high usually lasts about two hours with an hour of a hazy comedown, which makes you constantly question whether or not you’re actually still high.

Appearance: Large, dense, slightly frosty, green buds with dark purple accents.

Effects: Social, uplifted, pain relief, stress relief, tiredness, and loss of motivation.

Aroma: Strong, pungent earthy smell with tones of sweet blueberry.

Taste: Predominantly earthy, sweet, and berry.

Medical Applicability: Pain relief, stress relief, depression, insomnia, and nausea.

Overall Impression: Due to its amazing, long-lasting high, Blue Dream is one of my favorite strains that I always seem to find my way back to.

Patio Wellness
$35/ eighth