Sponsored – Strongest Delta-8 THC Gummies – [Online Buying Guide 2021]

Delta-8 THC is a powerful cannabinoid that not only lives up to its hype – but may actually exceed expectations. We’ll be the first to admit that we were downright floored when we tried this new “legal” THC for the first time. Not only did we feel a noticeable mood boost, but a lot of the discomforts we were carrying – both physic and mental – seemed to melt away for hours after consuming a single dose.

Below are our favorite Delta-8 edibles of 2021, including our top pick for strong and effective Delta-8 gummies you can buy online.

Here is how we ranked our favorite Delta-8 gummies to determine our top Delta-8 THC edible brand of 2021:

  • Efficacy of gummy
  • Customer experience
  • Value for quality
  • Transparency and safety

BudVault Delta-8 THC Gummies [Editor’s Pick/Overall Quality]

BudVault was the clear winner when it came to best overall Delta-8 gummies, and this is for several reasons:

  1. Their entire selection of gummies is by far the best value when it comes to cost/dosage. With nearly all of their gummies clocking in at an impressive 25mg per piece, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a deal like this anywhere else – at least not on a consistent basis.
  2. Speaking of deals, BudVault is famous for their Awesome Freebies, which they include with nearly every order (and sometimes two freebies depending on their special offers!)

While they have always offered a generous 4g “Big 1/8th” with any flower purchase, they’ve recently expanded this deal even further, now including Delta-8 buds and even a 10 pack gummy sampler, free with any purchase. These stack up to some mega savings, and for this reason alone BudVault shoots up to the top of our list of best Delta-8 gummies of 2021.

  1. Not only does BudVault offer current and comprehensive third-party lab reports, but the quality and purity standards of their extracts and high-potency buds – along with their transparency in providing detailed analysis of each batch – make BudVault one of the safer options in the Delta-8 online space today.

Best STRONG Delta-8 THC Gummy: BudVault’s Hazy Peach Rings

These Hazy Peach Rings are our favorite 1000mg Delta-8 gummy online today, and with 25 potent milligrams of pure and relaxing Delta-8 THC per ring, these best-selling edibles are the tried and true choice for users seeking a ULTRA dose of the good stuff. (Translation: these gummies pack a punch!)

Best “Daily Use” Delta-8 THC Gummy: BudVault’s 25mg Kushy Bears/Rose Kushy Bears

We really love both varieties of Delta-8 gummy bears this company offers, and we did notice some subtle differences between the gummies that over time allowed us to formulate our own personalized Delta-8 edible routine to suit our current needs. The Rose gummies, for example, seemed to provide us with the most “stable” effect of all the gummies, while the Peach Rings and Watermelon Rush remain at the top of our lists for strongest Delta-8 THC edibles that we’ve tried to date.

Watermelon Rush Gummies – 25mg Delta-8 THC (FREE 10 pack sampler with ANY gummy purchase at BudVault)

While many brands err on the side of low, BudVault seems to enjoy keeping their products potent and packing a punch. With that said, we highly recommend following their dosage suggestion of just 1 gummy – or even half of a gummy – because these little guys are indeed strong.

A lot of the reviews mentioned splitting these up into two doses, which seems to be the perfect “daytime” dose for when you’re not quite ready for body-melting relaxation. As with all Delta-8 THC products, we find that the higher the dose, the more sedative the effects. Because these gummies are fairly large, it’s easy to split them into two (or even three) to customize your dose to your current needs.

BudVault is clearly a fan favorite when it comes to serving up a great product, and for a limited time they’re offering two ways to try Delta-8 THC free with qualifying orders. To grab your FREE 4g “Big 1/8th” of Delta-8 THC buds and your FREE gummy sampler, click here.

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  1. Zachary West

    The strongest I found are from Hi On Nature. They have 2500mg packs of 10 250mg rings. I can’t even eat a whole one.

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