Sponsored – How To Hunt Down The Most Fascinating Cannabis Scenes In SF

If you are one of the many who rejoiced when the Adult Use of Mairjuana Act (Proposition 64) was first passed in California or of the 13% of Americans who identify as cannabis users, you are probably thoroughly enjoying the new edibles, cleaner & stronger cannabis, and cannabis-infused drinks that are now available to you legally and limitlessly.

San Francisco has 46 dispensaries and delivery services and the growth is not going to slow down any time soon. But what are the must-try scenes that should be on your radar? We are here to help you hunt them down so you don’t miss out on any of the hot ‘it’ spots.

Social cannabis consumption

California has the largest market share of the legal pot in the US. Out of the 10 states which have legalized the recreational use of cannabis, only California allows on-site consumption at authorized dispensaries as long as they have city permission with adherence to safety and fire codes.

West Hollywood was one of the first cities to take the lead in creating and popularizing these new social environments. These all-in-one dispensaries have gone above and beyond to appeal to target demographics, some lounges including a bar and even a small museum showing the history and interesting facts about the cannabis in West Hollywood. It has reshaped the social and cultural landscape across the state.

San Francisco is not far behind now with 46 dispensaries today with a second wave of 47 applications, all eager to introduce new ideas and creations to spread the cannabis use and popularity.

Barbary Coast was one of the earliest lounges to enter San Francisco. It offers a bar where various kinds and forms of cannabis is consumed instead of alcohol. It looks just like a typical bar, with TVs showing sporting events and tables and chairs. The only difference is that there is a time limit (30 minutes) and that there are cannabis specialists (like mixologists) helping you experiment with the right kind of pot.

Other lounges, like Urbana, offers a lounge where you can work, socialize, or attend one of its many events throughout the month. It offers interesting seminars such as Dim sum & dab, experiencing the popular cuisine with the new lens of cannabis infusion.

Moe Greens, the largest cannabis lounge space in SF, has multiple lounges, including one for cannabis-infused cocktails and another for vaping and edibles. It has “budtenders” (get it?) everywhere. Moe Greens, located inside a civic center, also hosts many community-friendly events such as comedy nights and jazz nights so you will never be short of entertainment during your stay.

Culinary meets Cannabis

Just like wine, weed grows and is cultivated in farms. And just like wine, weed farmers and packagers found a way to connect directly with their end consumers through tourism. There is no shortage of tours available in SF for anyone who wants to learn more about the production of weed. There are city tours where you can learn about San Francisco’s culture and evolution while ending your journey at a dispensary/cannabis lounge. Certain tours will take you to Mendocino Country so you can see the weed farms yourself.

There always has been a fond bond between cannabis fans and culinary enthusiasts. We have many world-renowned chefs who openly shared their experimental, cannabis-infused dishes. Given the popularity of edibles, this bond is only expected to grow stronger.

And if the food industry is getting in on this, you know the wine folks will too. Another popular farm tour destination is Emerald farm in Sonoma. Weed and wine are cropped in close proximity. Hence, it is only natural that now there are weed & wine tours in Sonoma where you can experience the beautiful combination of both vices.

Beyond tourism, we are seeing some tour operators also offering cannabis fans opportunities to create their own cannabis-infused creations. They offer marijuana cooking classes for those who want to introduce cannabis into their regular diet and cuisine. As San Francisco moves towards approving full-scale cannabis cafes and culinary centers, you will see more and more of these events around your community.