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SPONSORED – How to Find the Right CBD Distributor

Going into the CBD business is generally going to entail you getting in touch with a third-party wholesale CBD distributor. Unless you’ve got the means to farm, manufacture, and ship products completely independently, having a wholesale supplier for your CBD needs is simply the name of the game.

With that said, there are a lot of CBD distributors you can choose from. If you want your business to blossom like a full and potent cannabis flower, you’re going to want to make sure your distributor can meet your needs. Since your CBD distributor is responsible for the quality and the assured delivery of your product, your wholesale CBD provider can make or break your CBD business.

With that in mind, there are many questions you will want to have when it comes to choosing the right distributor. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most pertinent of these questions.

Where Do They Get Their CBD?

This is a huge one. As we’ve said, CBD distributors are going to be completely responsible for the quality assurance of your product. You’re going to want to know where the distributor’s product comes from because that is where your product is going to be coming from.

CBD production is a slightly new field, and there are a lot of different things to consider. From the production of the cannabis flower to the isolation of CBD, you want to make sure your distributor is overseeing things on a personal level. That way, you can safely vouch for their products and feel comfortable promoting them. Many CBD distributors offer in-house production, from farming to isolation, and can keep you in the loop on how they are offering a premium product.

What Can a CBD Distributor Offer for Clients?


Dropshipping means that the distributor or wholesaler will distribute the product for you directly to customers. This is a huge deal for burgeoning CBD businesses who may not yet have the means to inventory and distribute their own range of products.


White-labelling is simply a term for distributors and wholesalers offering a custom-labeled product that can be sold directly to customers with no interference. A CBD distributor that offers in-house white-labeling will be able to deliver products acclimated to your brand directly from their warehouse.

Test Results and COAs

Nothing speaks more to the quality of CBD than test results, including COAs, or Certificates of Analysis. These certificates will show you in-depth the cannabinoid contents of a specific CBD product so you can rest assured that you’re selling what you say you’re selling and not selling what you say that you aren’t.

Bulk Discounts

As is the name of the game with wholesaling and distributing, bulk discounts can make all the difference in the profits for your new CBD business. If a CBD distributor or wholesaler isn’t offering bulk discounts, then they aren’t really a wholesaler!


This goes somewhat hand-in-hand with test results and COAs, but a legitimate CBD distributor should be able to work with you to market your product. In the ideal scenario, your CBD distributor should be your very own “CBD guru” of sorts. That means they’ll guide you along in an experienced way with your business path and your customer interactions. Your supplier should be able to aid you in how best to communicate to potential customers why and how to buy the product.

Minimum Order Quantity

Similar to bulk discounts, minimum order quantity is another limitation you might want to keep an eye on. You definitely want your CBD distributor to be able to offer you a discount on extremely large orders. At the same time, you most likely want a distributor who can keep you supplied with small amounts while your business is still growing. If the one you’ve chosen doesn’t want to bother with your small order, they most likely don’t want to bother with helping a small CBD business grow.

Are They Accredited?

There are many accredited associations that CBD distributors can become members of. These associations will work somewhat like unions in ensuring safe and sustainable CBD production, that employees are treated right, that exchanges are fair, and all that good stuff. Membership with these top-tier associations will guarantee that your CBD distributor means business and is willing to meet the highest standards in the industry.

An accredited association will also guarantee that a small number of profits are being put towards making the world a more cannabis-friendly place, further resulting in growth of the industry. One of the most highly-regarded associations that can accredit a CBD distributor is the National Hemp Association.

How Quickly Can You Get the Product?

Of course, fast shipping is key. Fast and efficient shipping is certainly a deal-breaker when getting the product to you, the business. However, fast shipping becomes all the more important when you are acquiring dropshipping services. Literally, the efficiency of your wholesaler is speaking for your own business on this occasion. Consistently fast and reliable shipping is a must when it comes to choosing the right CBD distributor.

When looking for the right CBD distributor, make sure you discuss the previously mentioned aspects to ensure you find the perfect fit for your business.