Sponsored – Feminized vs Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – What’s the Difference?

With marijuana legalization, many cannabis enthusiasts think of growing their cannabis plants at home. It is not that tough. However, you should have a basic knowledge of gardening. Here in this post, you’ll learn about the significant difference between feminized and autoflower cannabis seeds.

Cannabis seeds are divided into three categories: regular, feminized, and autoflowering. Each type highlights its own unique benefits and shortcomings and appeals to different breeders depending on their purposes.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis plants evolved from feminized seeds created by producing gender change in a female plant. This gender change is caused by forcing the plants to make them release ethylene. This ethylene release is then subdued, which triggers the female plant to produce a pollen sac that holds pollen with 100 percent female characteristics that will result in 100 percent female seeds that will develop into female plants.

Feminized seeds are seeds mainly grown to reduce male chromosomes. In short, with feminized seeds, you grow a female cannabis plant. This is what many canna growers want as it provides smokable buds.

If you want nothing but resinous buds from your crop, feminized seeds are the perfect seed type for you.

You’ll save a great amount of time and effort not having to remove males out of your growing room. You can rest assured that your grow tent or space will stay pollen-free.

Benefits of Growing Feminized Seeds

  • Feminized seeds produce female plants and provide smokable buds.
  • Plants from feminized seeds have cannabis with a higher THC and CBD ratio, which makes the impact more intense and lasts longer compared to autoflowering seeds.
  • Feminized seeds are nearly 100% hermaphroditic free.
  • Female cannabis plants raised with feminized seeds produce higher yields compared to autoflowering plants.
  • Cannabis plants grown from feminized seeds have fewer leaves in comparison to autoflower seeds.
  • Unlike autoflowers, female cannabis plants cultivated with feminized seeds are easier to cut.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are a popular choice for novice growers as they flower automatically, are easier to grow, smaller in size, and are quicker to collect than feminized seeds.

Autoflowering marijuana plants switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage automatically with time. They also need a simple lighting schedule and are more immune to temperature fluctuations, diseases, and fungi, offering a perfect way for novices to get into cannabis growing.

You’ll benefit from autoflowering seeds if you want a quick harvest. They’re also perfect if you don’t have much space. You can still have a generous yield in a small tent by cultivating multiple plants and using the sea of green (SOG) technique.

Advantages of Growing Autoflowering Seeds

  • Autoflowers blossom automatically and need little attention.
  • Just like feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds produce female plants and give cannabis.
  • The growing cycle from seedling to harvest is quick, allowing breeders to harvest 2 to 4 times a year.
  • Since autoflower strains are crossbred with the ruderalis strain, the plant grows small and needs less maintenance.
  • Autoflowering cannabis strains need less growing space.
  • Compared to feminized marijuana plants, autoflower plants are more immune to temperature fluctuations, insects, and fungi.

The Difference Between Feminized and Autoflowering Cannabis Strain

To make things easy for you, we have added the differences between the two strains in the following table. This gives you a clear summary and enables you to make the right decision between feminized seeds and autoflower seeds.

Characteristic Feminized Seeds Autoflower Seeds
Cultivation Easy to medium Very easy
Plant height Medium to tall Small to medium
Start flowering When a light cycle of 12 / 12 is applied 2 – 4 weeks after planting
Average time from seed to harvest 12 – 20 weeks 8 – 12 weeks
Yield Medium to large Low to medium
Space required Medium to large Small to medium


Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the highest potency and the most generous yield possible, feminized seeds are the perfect option for you. If you’re beginning outdoor growing or don’t have much expertise, experience, space, and time, autoflower seeds might be the right option for you as they offer the quickest and easiest way to a great yield.


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