Sponsored – Dab Pen 101 – What You Need to Know About It

Vaping is big business right now. With cannabis now legal in many states of the USA – and decriminalized in others – the industry is regulated as any other, guaranteeing those who enjoy cannabis, CBD and e-liquids quality products. Vaping appeals as it offers greater variety than smoking weed and is also safer, yet for newcomers the sheer range of vape devices and accessories that are available can be confusing.

We’re here to talk about one of the most popular devices, the dab pen. What is a dab pen, are they easy to use, and where can you buy one? Let’s have a look.

What is a Dab Pen?

If you are considering becoming a vaper than a dab pen, also known as wax pen is a good starting point. These devices are so named as they are usually a similar size and shape to a pen. The dab pen consists of an outer casing in which are contained the parts required to produce the vapor cloud that you will inhale.

A small yet powerful battery is used to heat an element known as a coil or sometimes an atomizer. Wax extract of cannabis or CBD is put into a compartment – often detachable from the device for ease of use and cleaning – and this heated by the coil. Most devices use a ceramic coil for efficient heating.

When the cannabis wax gets to the right temperature it is vaporized, creating the cloud you inhale to enjoy your hit. Note we are talking about wax. While some dab pens will enable you to vape dry herb cannabis, most are specific to was extract. This is because the two types of cannabis vaporize at different temperatures. If you are set on vaping dry herbs, we recommend you check out our advice on devices for such use.

So, a dab pen is a small and discreet pen-shaped vape device designed for vaping wax products. How do you use it? That’s our next subject.

How to Use a Dab Pen

A dab pen is a popular choice with newcomers to vaping, and also to experienced users. These compact vaping devices are cheap to buy and designed to be simple to use. Whether you are intending to vape CBD or cannabis wax there will be a model that you like the look of, so how do you use a dab pen?

Most dab pens nowadays come with a battery that can be adjusted for voltage. The basic models will have, for example, four temperature settings. More sophisticated examples may be adjusted through one degree increments for absolute accuracy. What does adjusting temperature do?

Cannabis wax will vaporize between certain temperatures. The specific effect of the temperature is to produce a softer or more mellow hit that is preferred by the individual user. Put simply, you can adjust the temperature to give you the vapor that you appreciate best, rather than having to take what you’re offered. This ability to adjust to personal taste is a major attraction of the dab pen.

The heating element is activated by pressing a button a set number of times – five is common, with other combinations providing adjustments in further areas on some models. Once activated, the heating routine will take a few seconds after which an LED will tell you the dab pen is ready for use. With some you simply place between the lips and draw to vape, with others you press a button. Either way, it’s surprisingly simple and a highly effective way of enjoying marijuana.

Buying a Dab Pen

We strongly recommend you visit a reputable online vape shop for advice and help on buying your dab pen, especially if you are new to vaping. The choice is vast, and they will be more than happy to help with any questions you might have and recommend a dab pen that is right for you and within your budget.

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