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Sponsored – How to Check the Quality of Marijuana

This is the 21st century that we live in, and the global market evolves. When medical cannabis has been legalized, markets from all around the world, especially in the United States and Canada, have been booming with the product. However, demand has outdone supply, and so it was that a lot of vendors had been supplied with low-quality product. Unfortunately, the tendency has not vanished yet, and sometimes even trusted dispensaries and vendors can fall the victims of unfair providers. Still, there is a way to define whether the cannabis you have bought is of good quality, and this is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

Before we take to discussing how you can define the quality of marijuana, there is, actually, a need for stating that marijuana is gradually becoming a product of an immensely wide range of use. Besides all the benefits that it brings to one’s health and uses in medicine, cannabis is a powerful aphrodisiac. So, you should definitely be able to define whether the stuff you buy is some real skank before you try it because you might not want to be a flop whenever it comes to either soothing your stress, having fun, or even impressing your partner. Below is the sacred five of criteria which you should use for judging whether the marijuana you bought is of decent quality.

The Way It Looks

While it might seem quite obvious, but, namely, the way the cannabis looks can tell you a lot about the product that you have just bought. The first thing to pay attention to is whether there are stems or seeds in the skank. You should know that stems and seeds can produce an unpleasant smell that will repel you from smoking. Furthermore, it may also have an obnoxious impact on the very taste of weed. So, look closely and do not hesitate to inspect the cannabis right before you buy it.

Furthermore, there are some things that you should know about the color of the buds. Remember one thing, you want them as green as possible. Of course, the color might vary based on the breed. For example, White Widow will surely have some hues and tins of white, but the primary color still should be green. Meanwhile, the tint that you definitely not want to see is the brown color. Finally, look for the palette of the trichomes as this is where the THC crystals are. They have to be cloudy and even blurry.

The Way It Smells

Well, marijuana is not wine or sausage, so you probably cannot get a free sample at a supermarket. Even though you can smell it only after you hit it, here are the things to pay attention to. The smell should be overwhelming but not too strong, as it might be the indicator of the presence of seeds and stems. You can also try breaking the bud before you actually buy it and then smell it. Remember, the smell must be pleasant but admittedly overwhelming.

When the cannabis’ smell is too herbal, it might also be a warning for you, especially if this is one of the fruity strains you have bought. The smell is surely one of the things that will help you determine the quality of cannabis.

Is It Wet?

That’s right, one of the problems that even the best strains of weed can experience is the excessive level of moisture in its tissue. Now, you want your leaves or buds to be perfectly dry. Otherwise, it will also deteriorate the taste, smell, and even the effect that strain should have on you. Now, if you ask how you measure the moisture level of cannabis, the answer is simple. Just weigh it and then put in an oven at 80 degrees and wait until it becomes crispy. Then weigh it again. If the numbers on the scales have descended a lot, then your weed was wet.


Well, of course, we all have been waiting to talk about this, right? Sometimes, everything we want from our weed is to taste good. We might not even care for the effect that it is supposed to have, but we all want it to taste in most heavenly of manners. Your buds must deliver a powerful and pleasant taste, and, first of all, it should not emit any of the notes that your vendor did not warn you about. Also, the smoke that you inhale should not be hard on your throat; it must be smooth. Still, it all depends on hard you hit it!

What Do You Do If the Strain Is Bad?

Of course, this not the most pleasant of situations, but nobody is secure enough not to end up on the receiving end of the problem. However, don’t you dare falling down in the dumps and crying. There is almost always a way to save your kush.

  • You can try returning it back to the dispensary and complaining about the quality of the product as it is now officially allowed in some states. Nonetheless, do not think that is option is explicitly viable.
  • You can try putting an orange peel into a container together with the buds if they are to dry. Yes, it also happens that a customer buys the weed and then forgets about it, letting it dry out completely.
  • One more method of saving your cannabis from a nasty smell is mixing with another strain. Sometimes, two different fruity strains can create a splendid herbal union. Try doing it if the smell and taste are not what you expected from your weed.
  • You might want to leave your weed for a couple of days if it is too moist. Still, make sure that you do it a proper place. Do not put in dump, dark spaces, and do not put under the sun. Choose a neutral location, and you might use a paper towel to wrap the weed up and let the towel sank it the excessive moist.

There is a lot of ways to save your marijuana, but the best of them is buying from licensed vendors and doing it legally and officially. Thus, you will always rest assured of the quality of the product that you get for hard-earned money.


Fortunately, smoking cannabis is gradually becoming viewed as a way of having fun, dealing with stress, or charging one’s batteries up for the day. The world is changing its attitude towards this innocent weed that has nothing to do with brutality. Cannabis has been classified by the world’s brightest medical scientists as one of the most unresearched and yet promising remedies to a lot of diseases that people used to dub incurable ones.

However, regardless of how promising and up-and-coming this industry might be, there are still cases of unfair treatment of the clients. Quality of marijuana can be spoiled by a number of factors, and some of them are natural and some are artificial; so to say, man-made. Therefore, you need to know how to check the quality of weed. The guidelines provided above will help you get an improved understanding of what high-quality cannabis, smells, tastes, and feels like. Make sure that you buy only from licensed vendors and you do it legally because this is the best way to enjoy your weed.