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Sponsored – What CBD Product You Should Use As Part Of Your Skin Care Regimen

Along with the plethora of overall health benefits offered by CBD, it is becoming an increasingly vital staple in any skin care regimen. CBD products come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from oil tinctures to topical creams.

If you’ve read all about the wonderful benefits CBD can offer you and your skin, you still need to decide which CBD product you should incorporate into your daily skin care regimen. We explore the different types of CBD products and how they can bring about healthy, glowing skin.

1. CBD Creams

The most popular CBD skin care products are specially-designed skin creams. These can be applied directly to your area of choice, just as you would do with any regular skin care product. The advantage of a CBD cream is that it targets a specific part of your body, bringing a more concentrated effect on a localized area.

How Creams Work

When directly massaged into your skin, CBD cream gets to work immediately in a number of ways to stave off skin damage and promote beautiful skin.

  • Anti-Inflammation – The most well-established impact of CBD on the skin is its anti-inflammatory properties. This helps prevent flare ups of inflammation on the skin which cause issues like acne and redness.
  • Decreased Oil Production – Many problems that plague the skin are related to an imbalance in sebum production. Sebum is the oil that keeps skin moisturized in healthy doses, but in excessive quantities it leads to greasy, acne-ridden skin. CBD applied directly to the skin balances sebum production, leaving glowing and grease-free skin.
  • Anti-Oxidation – CBD naturally contains antioxidants which are tremendously beneficial for your skin. These antioxidants target free radicals and also help diminish inflammation, giving your skin some much needed vitality.

One of the perks of using CBD creams is that products can combine CBD with other active ingredients to promote skin health from a number of angles. For example, top CBD products may contain a moisturizing ingredient such as aloe vera, or fatty acids to promote glowing skin. Click for more info if you’re looking for the highest quality CBD skin care products.

2. CBD Oils

While most CBD oils advise ingestion sublingually (placing beneath the tongue), oils can be applied to the skin and have a positive effect. One benefit of purchasing a CBD oil is its versatility, as it can be ingested orally to benefit the body as a whole, or rubbed into a specific area. Even when taking CBD oil orally, it can still have a tremendous effect on your skin by reducing inflammation across the body.

Choosing A CBD Product

CBD skin care products will usually contain a range of other ingredients to enhance their power. When picking a product, you need to be mindful of what other components it contains to find the ideal product. Additionally, not all CBD extracts are created equal either. Some CBD products will contain a wider range of active cannabinoid compounds.

  • CBD Extracts

There are three main types of CBD extract on the market:

  • Full spectrum
  • Broad spectrum
  • CBD isolate

With a full-spectrum CBD extract, the entire range of cannabinoids are present including THC. Broad spectrum products contain almost all cannabinoids except THC, while the isolate product removes other active compounds from the final extract. While the evidence suggests that a full-spectrum or broad spectrum product is better for your overall health, all CBD products are suitable for the skin.

  • CBD Potency

When searching for a CBD skin care product, you ideally want one with a high CBD content to maximize the benefits to your skin. While milder CBD products still have excellent efficacy as a skin care aid, applying creams and oils of greater potency significantly enhances the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. When ingesting CBD orally, you can experiment with dosages to find your optimal range.

  • Quality CBD

The quality of CBD you’re purchasing makes a huge difference in how effective it is. Lower end products use less effective manufacturing and processing techniques which affects the overall quality of the product. Always find CBD that has been tested by third-party labs and transparently publishes how it was processed. Read through the ingredients list and look for products that contain “cannabidiol”, as products that use hemp seed oil as a substitute will not have the same effect.


There is mounting evidence showing just how incredible CBD is for your skin, along with claims it may help a wide range of other problems including cancer and depression. Its main mechanism is to reduce inflammation which slows down ageing and cell damage, while its antioxidant properties further improve skin health. Always thoroughly examine the ingredients list of any CBD product before purchasing, and look for products that have been processed reliably and ethically.