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Today there are a plethora of CBD edibles available for sale, many of which can be legally purchased online and in-stores thanks to the passage of the 2018 Farm BIll which legalized hemp, meaning many states now have CBD gummies for sale alongside a number of other popular products including tinctures, topicals, vapes and more. Hemp derived CBD has nominal levels of THC and are being studied for a variety of benefits that promote overall well-being.

However, the seeming overnight legalization of hemp and limited regulation for the industry has created an industry of ill-intentioned opportunists looking to enter the market and make a quick buck with little care or oversight when it comes to producing safe, quality CBD products. In independent samplings conducted on a number of CBD products it was found that many tested positive for dangerous impurities such as pesticides and residual solvents.

Many also did not contain the accurate amount of CBD, either containing much less or close to none. You may hear complaints from people trying CBD edibles and claiming that they did not do anything for them, a primary driver for this complaint is the huge discrepancy in product quality, with some CBD products actually containing little to no actual CBD or (cannabidiol). This is not intended to scare you away from the potential benefits that can be reaped from CBD, instead it’s intended to help you become an informed consumer when it comes to CBD. There are hemp gummies for sale that are safe and reliable with the necessary third party testing in place to ensure confidence in the product you’re purchasing. In this article, we’ll explain the different types of CBD gummies, popular effects they are used for and potential benefits.

What’s the Difference Between Full-Spectrum CBD and Broad-Spectrum CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD contains all cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids naturally grown in hemp and/or cannabis. Cannabinoids are a set of compounds found in hemp (in fact there are over 100 identified to date (source: nccih.nih.gov/health/cannabis-marijuana-and-cannabinoids-what-you-need-to-know.), all cannabinoids have a different and unique interaction with the body when consumed. Terpenes and flavonoids are found all throughout the natural world in things like aromatherapy, pine, citrus and more. These compounds are thought to not only guide the sensory experience for cannabis, but many studies are beginning to suggest that they may play a role in your body’s experience with hemp. The reason consumers might choose a full-spectrum CBD product over another type of CBD extract is because of the entourage effect, which is the theory that when the entire hemp plant is kept intact it works more effectively in the body as a whole to drive results.

To be sold legally via the 2018 Farm Bill the dry weight of the hemp must contain .3% of THC or less.

Broad Spectrum CBD or THC-Free CBD is CBD that includes the above-mentioned cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids but omits any trace of the THC cannabinoid. broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD edibles still benefit from much of the aforementioned ‘entourage effect’ but without the THC which is a great alternative for those that cannot consume THC for reasons such as drug tests or want to stay away from any potential psychoactive effects that can occur with THC.

CBD Isolate is as the name suggests, pure CBD which has been isolated from any of the other compounds naturally found in cannabis. This type of product will provide a flavorless CBD experience, but may lack some of the holistic benefits that can be reaped from full or broad-spectrum hemp extract.

Cannabis Derived CBD if you live in a state where THC is legalized for recreational or medicinal use you can purchase cannabis derived CBD products. These products are often sold as ratio products, like 1:1 or 5:1 to ratios and serve a similar purpose as full-spectrum CBD products but will have stronger psychoactive effects. Cannabis derived CBD products can only be purchased from licensed dispensaries. These products are also subject to state regulations for testing and compliance which adds a layer of protection for consumer confidence that does not exist as a federal mandate in the hemp CBD space.

Hemp Gummy Benefits

Hemp gummies are becoming a popular addition to many people’s daily wellness routines and if you’re reading this article you’re likely curious what potential benefits you might experience from introducing hemp into your daily routine. Hemp gummies as a means of ingesting CBD have become one of the most popular ways to consume CBD because of their ease-of-use and because they are a generally tasty way to reap the benefits of hemp. While science is still emerging on CBD there are a number of areas in which hemp is being studied and common reasons people are turning to hemp gummies for support. Those potential reasons include:

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • And more

Best Hemp Gummies For Sale

The Lunchbox Alchemy brand originates from Oregon and has been around since 2014, a state known for legal hemp and marijuana. All of their hemp gummies come in a mixed fruit flavor bundle which include strawberry, pineapple, and black raspberry. They also are made using vegan friendly ingredients and organically grown hemp. Lunchbox Alchemy makes all of their products in-house, rather than using a white label distributor, which helps provide a layer of confidence to the quality of the product.

  • Sleep CBD Gummies
    • Lunchbox’s sleep CBD gummies are made with full-spectrum CBD paired with chamomile, a plant known for its calming effects.
  • Relief CBD Gummies
    • These relief gummies use full-spectrum CBD as well as ginseng. Ginseng is a natural pain reliever that helps with inflammation.
  • Stress CBD Gummies
  • Daily CBD Gummies
    • Their daily gummies are natural and perfect for daily consumption. They are perfect to use for those long work days. They have a 100% 5-star rating on the lunchbox website.

All batches of Lunchbox Alchemy hemp gummies are tested twice in an independent lab to fully ensure the highest possible quality. Lunchbox Alchemy is one of the most competitively priced CBD gummies on the market and offers higher concentrations of CBD in their products compared to most products on the market.