Sponsor – What’s the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Grown Cannabis?

We live in an age where there are more cannabis options than ever before. This is amazing for the connoisseur but can pose some issues for the average user trying to sift through endless options and varieties. And while you might have a favorite strain of cannabis, you probably aren’t aware that how it is grown has a direct effect on the end result.

Many factors affect the growth and quality of any particular cannabis plant. These can range from the seeds used to plant the crop to the growing medium to environmental factors. But when it comes to where you grow a cannabis crop there are only two options – indoors or outdoors. Before you begin, do your research to find out which strains grow better in which environment–then grab that strain from a trusted seed bank. Prepare your grow space based on the below differences–whichever suits you better, and begin your legal grow.

Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Cannabis can easily be grown just as nature intended – outdoors. Before the rise of more modern technologies that made indoor growing an option, outdoor cannabis was the only method. And it still exists in abundance today, with the average acreage used for hemp and cannabis farming on the rise across the US.

The first difference, and it’s a major one, between indoor and outdoor grown cannabis, is that outside crops harness the sun’s power for their growth. This means that outdoor plants will grow larger in total size and in the size of their flowering buds (the most sought after part of the plant). Outdoor cannabis grown in full sun will also have a darker color on all parts of the plants than indoor plants.

Outdoor cannabis also has another significant difference from indoor plants – both their cannabinoid and terpene levels can be higher. These are the compounds such as the commonly known THC and CBD that give the plant its many effects and benefits when consumed. This is again due to the sun’s power allowing the plant to grow to its full potential.

Growing Cannabis Indoors

Indoor cannabis cultivation is becoming more common because of improved technology and how this method allows a producer to control the growing environment. And that is the biggest difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis. Indoors, you can control every aspect of the growth cycle from the growing medium to the amount of light. This allows for year-round growing and eliminates natural risks like insects and weather.

Indoor cultivation does result in other differences. The plants and buds’ size will be smaller, but the flowers tend to have an increased level of trichomes over their outdoor counterparts. These are the resin-filled glands that cover the buds of a cannabis plant and dense clusters of trichomes created under indoor growing conditions can be highly sought after on the commercial market.

Which is Better?

While there are indeed differences between indoor and outdoor grown cannabis, it’s difficult to say which method is better. If you are looking for a naturally grown option that will result in larger plants and slightly higher cannabinoid levels, outdoor is the best choice. If you want precise control over the growing environment and year-round harvests, indoor is the best. Ultimately, the method you choose depends on the growing area you have available and the desired characteristics of your crops.