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Sponsored – Pros And Cons of CBD: What You Need To Know

An increasing number of people are intrigued by the reported benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol), which is the second most pervasive compound found in cannabis or marijuana. However, aside from all the reported studies backed up with credible evidence, there have also been some downsides observed. Hence, it’s crucial to know both sides of the coin before finally deciding to use CBD. 

For one, you can check out to speak with a professional marijuana doctor virtually. Also, you can consider the advantages and risks of CBD below before coming up with a decision to use CBD:


1. Can Help With Anxiety Disorders

A 2019 study shows that CBD has helped mice reduce anxiety disorders. Although there are no definitive studies that claim its complete efficacy in treating anxiety disorders, some researchers are claiming that it works in affecting the serotonin levels in the brain, which then impacts the way your mind works. When your serotonin levels are balanced, you won’t feel stressed nor anxious. This also helps mediate your mood, sleep, behaviors, and emotions.

2. Used For Acne Treatment

Acne is usually caused by the over secretion of oils in sebaceous glands and CBD may help lower the production of sebum. Hence, it could potentially treat acne because of its anti-inflammatory effects. 

If you apply CBD topically, it’ll help reduce the inflammation on the skin surface and prevent other inflammatory skin diseases. Conveniently, there are many kinds of CBD products that are good for topical treatment, so if you know any family or friend who needs it, you can choose from a list of Cannabis gift guides.

3. Helps Fight Cancer

A 2012 study found some proof that CBD may help prevent cancer cells from developing; it shows some promising results in suppressing cancer cells’ growth. However, this research will require further years of study and a more in-depth tackling of CBD’s other positive effects on cancer treatment.

4. Manages Arthritis

Arthritic medication, sometimes, contains CBD because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties. CBD has been shown to eliminate and neutralize joint pain and inflammation. Many arthritis patients opt for using topical CBD products since they can conveniently apply them to the area of discomfort. One great advantage of how these products work is their fast reaction to relieve the pain. 

5. Helps In Overcoming Insomnia

Some data shows that a third of Brits suffer from insomnia in a way or another. This sleeping disorder not only stresses you out because of broken sleeping bouts, but you’ll also suffer from induced daytime fatigue, digestive problems, loss of motivation, irritability, mood changes, and minimized concentration or focus. Fortunately, CBD may help you have a better quality of sleep. 

6. Helps Control Diabetes

The anti-inflammatory properties found in CBD may minimize insulin resistance among diabetic patients. It’s also responsible for moderating blood sugar levels. 

If you suffer from excessive blood glucose levels, you might want to try taking CBD as an effective method for managing diabetes


1. Not Safe And Effective For Everyone To Use

Like any other kind of therapy, CBD also includes risks. For instance, there’s a possibility that it may interfere with other supplements and medications you’re taking. 

2. Not Recommended For Pregnant Women

Many experts strongly believe that marijuana might affect the fetal development of neurons, so pregnant women shouldn’t take it. 

3. May Have Adverse Effects

Although CBD has many promising health benefits, on the contrary, it could seem to work adversely. For example, it could lead to liver damage, mood changes, irritability, fertility reduction for males, and loss of appetite.

4. Tastes Bad Or Odd

Depending on the specific CBD product, some are deemed to taste bad. For example, raw CBD oil or the carrier oil comes with a grassy or earthy taste. Many people aren’t a fan of such flavor. 


That wraps up some of the pros and cons of using CBD. It’ll take a matter of time before scientists and medical experts can prove more of what they can do or treat. Meanwhile, you must speak to your doctor first before trying out CBD.