Spark Up

Adding Ritual Roasters coffee beans to chocolate and cannabis, Somatik’s Sparks have a few of your favorite things.

The marijuana-infused Ritual Roasters coffee brew Somatik has been a hit on dispensary shelves since it was introduced last year. But now Somatik’s second act is perking up in the form of its new, cannabis-infused, chocolate-covered coffee beans and goji berries called Sparks.

The artisanal coffee beans still come courtesy of the cult-hit Ritual Roasters, and the organic, fair-trade goji berries are sourced from Tibet. Both varieties are sold separately, but each bite is coated with the award-winning craft chocolate of Berkeley’s Endorfin Foods — chocolate that’s sweetened with your choice of THC or CBD.

Bite-size cannabis chocolate snacks have become popular pick-me-ups as party snacks or at music festivals. (It is, of course, customary to clarify to people that the treats are infused.) But these Sparks show how endo edibles have come a long way since the old Saran-wrapped magic brownies.

Somatik’s THC-infused coffee beans have just 3 milligrams of THC each, with 25 of the little guys in a box. Their goji berry version is a two-to-one CBD/THC mix, with 30 in each box, so you can indulge your sweet tooth and expand your mind in controlled, tiny steps.

But the all-organic, single-origin coffee, the cacao, and the other ingredients set Sparks apart as a gourmet chocolate treat the caliber of Dandelion or what you’d buy at the Ferry Building. In a nod to the refined tastes of the Slow Food movement, Endorfin Foods even calls this chocolate “slow chocolate.”

It’s even vegan, despite the milk-chocolatey taste. It’s a coconut butter mix with mountain-refined coconut sugar, allowing you to eat chocolate while still telling yourself that it’s good for you.

Sparks brighten up a candy dish with a whimsical coating of “edible glitter” on each treat. This is a perfectly safe, mica-based glitter that’s gold on the coffee beans and silver on the goji berries, for a pretty cute appearance that will spark conversations.

This often-baked reviewer did struggle with the Sparks’ extremely “adult-proof” childproof packaging, though. This will probably happen with more and more products as strict new regulations kick in statewide on July 1. In this case, Sparks includes instructions on the inside lid of the box that I was simply too high to notice at first.

Somatik is clearly aiming for the Third Wave coffee crowd, using Ritual Roasters’ beans, sourcing chocolate from farms that practice regenerative farming, and pulling ingredients from a women-owned collective. Locals will love that the goji berries’ CBD chocolate comes from San Francisco distillate maker Level Blends.

A high-end infused chocolate treat, Sparks are formulated to impress in both the culinary and cannabis departments. The chocolate-covered coffee beans retail at around $22 a box and the goji berries about $24 a box, and hit the sweet spot for users who care if their treats are vegan, gluten-free, or low-sugar.

Potency: Just 3 mg. of THC per bean, but 25 to 30 beans or berries per box.

Smell: A fairly faint chocolatey scent.

Taste: Magnificent enough that they are difficult to stop eating.

Appearance: Covered with completely boss edible glitter flakes, which are hella fun.

Medical Application: Goji berries are relaxing CBD microdoses, the coffee beans are perky THC microdoses.

Effect: The modest microdoses won’t knock you on your rear end, unless you choose to eat half the box of chocolates in one sitting.


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