Smoke Journey’s Journey4 Pipe

Playing with magnets is fun.

The Journey4 pipe from Smoke Journey takes the joy of making magnets snap together to the next level, utilizing a three-piece design that’s built to stay together in even the most adventure-prone pockets.

With high-temperature silicon on the outside and shatterproof stainless steel on the inside, one of the Journey4’s most impressive attributes is how it’s, in essence, unbreakable. Sit on it, drop it off a cliff, drive over it with your SUV — this thing is designed to withstand some heavy punishment. (But don’t actually drive over it with your SUV.)

As is often the case with smoking vessels these days, Smoke Journey emphasizes a sleek aesthetic. Unfortunately, looks aren’t the same as a quality experience. The pipe’s shallow bowl means that, unless you’re committed to a solo session, you’re going to need to pack a few of these to satisfy a crowd.

And speaking of bowls, let’s talk about taste.

While glass is certainly far more fragile than metal, it doesn’t in and of itself impart a flavor profile onto the flower. Sure, if you’ve been using the same pipe for months without cleaning it — c’mon, now — you may get some resin-laced echoes of past usage. But with clean glass you’re really getting the terpene taste of the flower with little else.

Smoking from a metallic bowl — even one of the Journey4’s quality — brings with it a metallic aftertaste that is simply inferior to a glass or paper-rolled alternative. While the metal notes weren’t overwhelming, they were certainly present, making the Journey4 the type of pipe that’s better than nothing but still impossible to nominate as any cannabis enthusiast’s first choice.

On the fun side, the sliding silicon lid that exposes the bowl is a neat trick, and the way the Journey4 can be dismantled into three pieces makes cleaning it a breeze. As has come to be a common distinction in modern cannabis paraphernalia, there are the items and devices we use at home and the ones that are better suited for being out in the world.

The Journey4 is certainly a small, light option for the patient on the go, something you could easily take camping or even to a concert. After using the Journey4, I found it emitted next to no external aroma once the lid had been put back in place, meaning it’s a fairly safe option for those that want to grab a hit without reeking of their medicine.

So if something affordable and convenient is up your alley, the Journey4 pipe may be a fit. However, for the connoisseur who values flavor above all else, there is no question that in this case, the age of metal is nearing its end.

Rating: 2.5/5

The Journey4 is available from smokejourney.com and retails for $37.99. Package includes pipe and an air-tight resealable pouch.