Sidecar adds medical marijuana delivery to ride-sharing service

By Oscar Pascual |

Weed will be riding shotgun the next time you hail a ride from your Sidecar app.

The company announced on Tuesday that they plan to deliver medical marijuana in San Francisco alongside their original app-hailed ride service, reports CNET.

Thanks to a new partnership with fellow Bay Area startup Meadow, Sidecar will now provide pot to SF customers with delivery in under an hour.

Meadow, which bills itself as one of the several “Ubers for pot” — there’s also Eaze, and a few other upstarts — already offers an on-demand ordering service for numerous dispensaries throughout SF. Dispensaries would send out their own delivery drivers after paying Meadow a referral fee.

Now, dispensaries will have an option to use Sidecar for their deliveries.

“Part of what’s interesting about this partnership with Meadow is that it really illustrates that we are capable of delivering all kinds of different products, including those that have complicated requirements,” said Sidecar CEO Sunil Paul in an interview with GeekWire.

Sidecar has been a smaller, less-funded competitor to more notable ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft since 2012. By utilizing its logistics technology and network of drivers, however, Sidecar has created a system that can efficiently deliver both people and goods.

So don’t be surprised if you smell the stickiest of the icky on your next Sidecar ride.

Both Sidecar and Meadow are taking measures to ensure that delivering medical pot will be a safe and legal process. Sidecar drivers with medical marijuana deliveries will also be certified medical patients, and will carry deliveries in a safe lock box during transit.

Same day delivery will cost $4.99, while one-hour delivery is set at $7.49

Sidecar and Meadow’s partnership is in essence a three-way transaction with dispensaries. Patients will use Meadow to place orders, Meadow then refers the order to the specific dispensary, and Sidecar finishes up by delivering the order.

Meadow CEO David Hua explained to GeekWire why the partnership will be integral in providing safe access to medical marijuana for many Bay Area patients.

“Ultimately the partnership with Sidecar will provide a full turn-key solution for these dispensaries that normally wouldn’t have access to this technology platform, let alone access to a patient who can’t leave their home and wants that delivery,” Hua explained.

Photo credit: GeekWire