Shine Rolling Papers

If you usually feel content rolling joints with normal rolling papers, but, from time to time, catch yourself thinking, “Hey, this is great and all, but I sure wish I could twist my weed up in some money,” then I’ve got great news for you.

While they might not offer the same wow factor as lighting up a cigar with a $100 bill, Shine’s 24K Gold Rolling papers appear to be the next best option — if you’re into that sort of thing. That’s right, you can now smoke gold. But at $55 for a pack of 12, this accessory isn’t for penny-pinchers.

I think this product is ridiculous. Few things are more pretentious than lighting up actual gold and smoking it. It’s expensive, gaudy, tacky, and ultimately, pointless. The papers are made using edible gold, the same stuff that annoying couples order for dessert on their anniversary. And while Shine’s FAQ page proudly displays a study that observed rats inhaling gold nanoparticles, I just can’t imagine that smoking metal can be that good for you.

Having said all this, I’ll admit that the papers themselves are an objectively good product, and the gold leaf makes the rolling experience itself great. It’s smooth in your fingers and makes for even, super-clean joints. They also burn really nicely, and the gold doesn’t affect the flavor of the herb at all.

But seriously, folks. I think we may have jumped the shark here.

Cool Factor: It depends on who you are and the company you keep.

Practicality: I think they might be the least practical item for sale, ever.

Affordability: $55 for a pack of 12. That’s $4.60 per leaf, so again, it depends on who you are.

Overall: I begrudgingly admit they’re great rolling papers. But I also condemn them eternally.