Review: The 7pipe Pro is Sleek and Convenient

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez |

The 7pipe Pro will trick you, and that’s a good thing.

When first holding the pipe’s red brushed metal, SF Evergreen noticed the 7pipe Pro’s heft and shine, reminiscent of a slick new car. This looks like a piece you’d use to hotbox a Maserati. The pipe’s main feature, its built-in lighter, sleekly emerges directly next to the bowl, ready for a gentle push of a just large enough trigger to flame your green. The raised cone which ensconces the lighter even has slats, reminiscent of a grill.

Besides, isn’t it rather cool to have a pipe with a built-in lighter in the first place? Yes. Yes it is. You’ll never have to dive into your couch cushions for a lighter again.

As sleek as it is on the outside, a look under the hood reveals the heart of the 7pipe Pro is a simple glass bowl. Fine by us, as the hit was clean and smooth. Smart design touches abound: The pipe has a magnetically attached bottom plate, which is easily removed to access the glass bowl for cleaning (and a small storage area for additional herb). A convenient metal door slides over the bowl to hold your cannabis tight for future hits.

And though we were worried the position of the flame to the right of the bowl would lead to an uneven scorching, shifting your cannabis is a simple solution. While passing this bowl around, we also realized another plus of the 7pipe Pro: Some of our novice smoking friends have difficulty with lighters, and the push-button design helped ease them into toking.

That said, those with small digits should beware, as the carb’s placement on the left front side makes it tough to simultaneously use the lighter’s switch on the right side. With two hands, all is fine.

But now for the bad news: Our first try using the lighter was a bust, as the igniter was not placed close enough to the butane. A simple tweak with a screwdriver solved this, and we’re not sure it’ll be a problem with every model. Also, the sliding metal door seems to be installed awkwardly, as there is noticeable friction when we tried to pull it closed. It works, but it feels too janky for such an otherwise slick product.

The Verdict

Cool Factor: The brushed metal look is slick as can be. The pipe is available in red, black, white, and grey. This looks like a pipe someone much cooler than us would use, which we dig.

Practicality: Though small mechanical issues plagued our pipe, including a stuttering metal door over the bowl and a malfunctioning lighter, this may have just been the one model, and were easily fixed.

Affordability: The $40 sticker-price on surprised us, as the build is very sturdy and professional. You’re getting a lot for your dollar here.

Overall: Small design flaws aside, the 7pipe Pro is an impressive and sleek addition to your pipe collection. If you want a piece with a little edge, a little class, and a lot of convenience, the 7pipe Pro is the way to go.

Score: 4/5

SF Evergreen photo by Mike Koozmin