Review: Silverstick One-Hitter

Is it time to get down with an old-school approach to toking up?

Nowadays, getting stoned can be a chore. You need to make sure the batteries are charged, that you have a fresh cartridge, and that the settings are optimized. For some, the experience of enjoying cannabis has been tainted by the advent of technology, adding an undesired electronic pulse to an otherwise spiritual endeavor.

If you’re someone who would rather use analog tools to smoke your sativa, you may want to give the SilverStick One-Hitter a try. One-hitters have traditionally been a backup plan best suited when all other options have failed — who hasn’t made a pipe out of an apple? — but the makers of the SilverStick are hoping to change that.

Built with “airplane-grade” alloy, this sleek metal accessory bills itself as an upgrade from the one-hitters of high school days past. For one, the SilverStick is really more of a multi-hitter, capable of holding enough flower so that it can be shared among a few friends. I found that with sizeable hits, I was able to get about four drags off of my SilverStick before the bowl was cashed.

To prevent your one-hitter from reeking to high heaven after you’ve used it, the SilverStick also offers a solution. A small odor-reducing plastic endcap can be sealed over the bowl end, and from what my nose observed, it does a pretty admirable job of masking the bud aroma. Would I trust it in my pocket at the office all day? Probably not, but it’s definitely an improvement.

Perhaps the reason one-hitters rank so low as an option for cannabis ingestion is because they are harsh. Want to see someone cough? Just give them a one-hitter and a Bic lighter. The SilverStick’s most innovative component is an all-natural cotton filter in the chamber that reduces the chance of inhaling embers and hacking up a lung. Assuming one thinks ahead to stick a fresh filter in their unit before heading out, this handy addition noticeably reduces the jarring sensation of ripping a one-hitter.

Make no mistake, this thing is still harsh. If you’ve grown accustomed to the more gentle touch of vaporizers or high-end water pipes, a cotton filter will likely not prevent a coughing fit. That said, for cannabis enthusiasts who welcome the opportunity to take in their medicine swiftly and directly, the SilverStick definitely delivers on its promise of elevating the one-hitter experience from what it has traditionally been.

For the completist, consider adding a custom-made leather kit to your order. Designed specifically to house the SilverStick, these neat little cases come in either black or brown and include an airtight container that can hold up to two grams of ground flower.

The SilverStick likely won’t change your mind if you prefer your cannabis in extract or edible form, but if you like the idea of a one-hitter but only wish it was a little less rudimentary, this product is exactly what you’re looking for.

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