Review: OLO’s Sublingual Strips

A new line of Space Age, dissolving cannabis strips called OLO delivers a smoke-free high when just dropped right under your tongue.

Stoners who don’t like smoking could always get their THC jollies with cookies or brownies, or from more recent innovations like tinctures and sprays. Bay Area dispensaries are now beginning to carry futuristic products called “sublingual strips,” which sound very technical but they’re easy to use. You just slip them right under your tongue.

An interesting new player in this sublingual strip game is OLO, which hits dispensary shelves on Oct. 8 Oct. 22. OLO strips have extracted the pure, distilled chemical cannabinoids and concentrated them into nickel-size oral tabs that hit your system quickly, since there’s no plant matter or culinary ingredients in the mix.

OLO refers to its four different varieties as “experiences,” and most of these are formulated for productivity, functioning, or exercise. Their four formulas of Active, Chill, Focus, and Social are fairly accurate descriptions, and those labels are a lot more specific than confusing strain names like OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

Place these gel strips under the tongue, and they deliver consistent, uplifting effects within 10 minutes. The chemical purity results in a clean, sensory high that creates distinct, isolated effects that you rarely feel with traditional cannabis products.

Social provides a quick-hitting mood enhancement and chatty euphoria, while Active delivers a pleasant, buzzy alertness. The Focus strips hit with an upper-y feel, while the Chill variety does just the opposite with a sleepy couch-lock that sets in within minutes.

In true California fashion, OLO points out that its products are “low-calorie, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.”

Your dosages come in two options to better control your high, with 5-milligram and 10-milligram THC alternatives. The 5-milligram strips come in 12-packs for $30, while the 10-milligram doses come in eight packs for around $35 (before state and local taxes kick in).

These are some of the handiest and most convenient weed products for carrying on the go, as each comes in a paper-thin foil envelope that’s a little smaller than a credit card. They fit easily in a pocket or wallet, and their colorful packaging is quite discreet.

It’s easy to see how purely chemical sublinguals like OLO could become a popular starter or gateway product for people who are a little uneasy with cannabis. But even longtime users will love OLO’s targeted ability to dial up certain moods in a hurry.

Potency: Your choice of 5- or 10-milligram strips hit within 10 minutes, peak for an hour, and maintain subtle and pleasant lingering effects for a while after that.

Smell: This is pharmaceutically isolated THC in a tab, so it has no scent.

Taste: Sweet but medicine-y, like a lozenge or a mint mouthwash.

Appearance: A thumbnail-size square of hardened gel, packed in a small foil envelope that does not immediately appear to be a cannabis product.

Medical Application: Exactly what is advertised in the product line names Active, Chill, Focus, and Social.

Effect: A choice of highs that hit in specific and structured ways, with no surprises.


Available in San Francisco at SPARC SF.