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Review: The Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

Are you ready to get your mad scientist on?

The Dr. Dabber Switch looks like the nuclear football of vaporizers.

As it’s packaged in a sizable square case (complete with handle), you get the impression it should be handcuffed to its owner’s wrist when transported from place to place. There’s something downright imposing about this thing. One reason is cost — the Switch is a staggering $399.99 — and another is the complexity and brawn of the unit nested inside a fortress of cardboard.

Easily the largest rig I’ve ever reviewed, the size of the Dr. Dabber Switch cannot be overstated. Anyone seeking subtlety and discretion will want to look elsewhere, but this thing is built to be the centerpiece of your home cannabis consumption. For one, it will look good. Rendered in standard black and including a number of glass accessories, the Switch is going to draw eyes, and for good reason.

Long story short, the Switch heats cannabis — working with both loose leaf and concentrates — using the same technology as induction cooktops. To operate it, simply fill one of the removable metal cups, fill it with flower or oil, and place it back into the unit using the included tweezers. If the whole thing feels a bit too much like entering into Walter White/Breaking Bad territory, don’t discount how fun it can be to combine an interest in science with a passion for getting super-stoned!

Induction heating is amazing, mainly because it happens almost instantaneously. Add in the Switch’s self-cleaning capacity, and the size of the unit begins to seem like a perfectly fair trade-off when one considers the ease of use. More importantly, the hits you’ll get off the Switch are simply gargantuan. If vaporizers like the PAX line offer a digital alternative joints, the Switch pairs the punch of a bong with a remarkably smooth finish.

The bubbler attachment is expertly crafted and made with borosilicate glass (meaning it will likely survive an accidental tumble). Honestly, every facet of this unit is pretty impressively designed, meaning that if you can stomach spending $400 on a device to smoke cannabis, you probably won’t find a better option.

For those who love flashing lights, Dr. Dabber’s latest also comes with a number of cycling color options, although they are basically just for show. On a more practical note, another area in which the Switch succeeds is battery life — a major reason for the unit’s heft. The fact that you can also hit it while it recharges is welcome news, as we’ve all learned the frustration of sitting down with our preferred device only to find its battery running low.

The truth of the matter is that most casual cannabis consumers will want to chose something a little less intense. While settings can be tweaked to offer a wide variety of vapor levels, it’s hard to imagine folks who have an informal relationship with cannabis will have much need for what the Switch offers. That said, seasoned smokers and those who want to invest in a product that will last and produce consistent, impressive results may want to seriously consider adding a Switch to their living room.

Potency: Variable, but the Dr. Dabber Switch is definitely designed for those who like to take big hits time and time again.

Appearance: Putting a Dr. Dabber Switch rig in your living room is definitely a statement, but despite the unit’s generous size, it will quickly become your go-to option for home use given its plethora of calibration options.

Medical Application: If you like to take your medicine via vapor, the Dr. Dabber Switch is a great option provided you aren’t bothered by the fact that this product is fully stationary and won’t be traveling with you anywhere.

Effect: Notable in terms of maximizing loose leaf to deliver plumes of vapor. The Switch can be used for more modest hits as well, but its sweet spot makes it the digital equivalent of a bong.


The Dr. Dabber Switch retails for $399.99, available at drdabber.com