Review: Crafty vaporizer lives up to its name

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez |

“Watch out! Hit the deck!” was my first thought on seeing the Crafty, which has a black, rounded look vaguely resembling a flash grenade. But after extended use of this high-end convection-powered vape — brought to you by the manufacturers of the legendary Volcano — I can heartily recommend it.

In fact, I love me some Crafty. Can I just say it like that? Can we throw Crafty pillows and don Crafty-themed t-shirts to celebrate?

The Crafty is light in the hand, which is no small consideration for portability. It’s also startlingly easy to use. My vape-inexperienced friends, who helped me with the testing, are routinely mystified by my myriad vapes, but figured out how to load the Crafty with ease (screw off the top, load in the plant, bang, boom).

Thoughtful design touches abound: The orange “on” button is placed where you can hit it on or off at ease with your ring finger, and taking a hit is as simple as inhaling through the plastic mouthpiece (no additional button pushes required). Said mouthpiece swivels up like a sippie-cup straw, and swivels back down flush with the vape.

Hits are smoother even compared to other vaporizers, and bring out the unique taste of the strain without ever overpowering. As it should be: This is a no-cough zone.

Heat-up time is about a minute, which is admittedly lengthy, but the Crafty is smart. It’ll vibrate in your hands when it’s ready, and the stripe of LEDs at the bottom of the vape will turn from red to green.

When turning it on and off, it heats up quicker if it’s been used recently, and automatically shuts off when not in use.

Because the Crafty is ribbed and slatted, the heat of the machine more easily dissipates through the increased surface area. It gets warm, but not uncomfortably so. It’s a smart touch.

One design feature you’ll notice missing from the Crafty are temperature controls, which for a nearly $400 vaporizer seems like a major oversight (and is on the Crafty’s more pricey Storz & Bickel siblings, the Mighty and the ever-classic Volcano).

But wait! The Crafty craftily sneaks these controls into a free smartphone app, which is on iOS as well as some Android phones.

The app connects your phone to the vape via Bluetooth wireless technology, letting you control temperature and also its “boost” temperature, which is activated by double-tapping the power button to put a little extra heat in your flowers. The app even lets you shut down the Crafty’s LED lights and vibrating features.

The battery life is strong, lasting through a few group vape sessions. And I would be remiss in not mentioning the odds and ends that come with the Crafty: a plastic grinder (that works decently for being a free pack-in), a cleaning brush, and replacement screens.

If you’ve got the simoleons to spend on a $400 vaporizer, The Crafty is a fine choice and comes strongly recommended.

Available at Vape World.

The Verdict

Cool Factor: The Crafty won’t win any beauty pageants. More than one observer asked me what I was doing with a walkie-talkie in my hands. But using a smartphone app to control my vape made me feel like I was enjoying 420 in the year 2420.

Practicality: The Crafty’s light weight is good for portability, it packs a strong battery life, and is simple to load. The Crafty is built to travel.

Affordability: Let’s be real: $400 is a lot of money, even for a top-shelf vaporizer. Still, if you have the bucks, The Crafty won’t do you wrong.

Overall: If you prize design, enjoy portability and have some bucks to spend, The Crafty is a leading choice and comes strongly recommended.

Score: 4.5/5