Review: Can’t Roll a Cone? Acquire the RYOcones Cone Roller Kit.

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez |

“And I’ll tell you something/ I think you’ll understand/ I wanna hold your hand/ I wanna hold your hand.”

The Beatles song was meant literally, but RYOcones’s cone roller package figuratively holds your hand in cone-shaped joint-making.

For doobie-rolling newbies, that’s a plus.

If you find rolling a Rasta spliff-sized cone is too advanced a trick, then this package is like training wheels to roll ‘er up.

Describing the process sounds complicated, but trust us: it’s easy.

The kit includes a four-inch long, cone-shaped piece of metal with a slot at the narrow end, where you wrap a filter (also included in the kit). Swing it ‘round, while rolling your extra-sized papers (ditto included) along the metal cone. Slide the cone out, pour your cannabis into your resulting cone-shaped hollow joint, and use the cone to stuff the green in tight.

Boom, bam, done, you’ve got a cone that widens and flares out at the end, rolled like an old cannabis pro (but with a little help).

The kit includes a bevy of rolling products: The cone roller itself, a plastic “doobtube” to keep your blunt fresh, lol-brand rolling paper, FLY-brand filters, and a V Syndicate grinder card. The RYOcones website says their cone roller is compatible with “95 %” of papers and blunt wraps out there.

Even more helpful, if you’re not sure how to even begin using the kit (and we didn’t), there’s a handy step-by-step illustrated guide included. If your memory is poor and you’re on the go, here’s a mini-business card sized version just in case you need to carry the instructions with you.

We at SF Evergreen especially enjoyed the included lanyard and hook, which lets you sport your cone-roller around your neck proudly. We wore it around the office, and got a few confused looks and a few guffaws, which we shrugged off. The lanyard clearly shows we are ready for any doob-mergency.

This product does serve very particular purpose: rolling cones. If rolling the perfect cone isn’t your bag, you’ll find little to like. But if cone shaped doobs are your style for smoking medical care, or you were too intimidated to try to rolling one yourself, RYOcones Cone Roller Kit will hold your hand.

The Verdict

Cool Factor: Don’t bust this kit out in front of your cannabis-enthusiast friends if you’re ashamed to get a little help rolling your own. If you’re not easily embarrassed, use the included lanyard to proudly display your training wheels.

Practicality: The package includes everything you’d need (save weed) for rolling your own cone: Filters, papers, the cone roller, and folding tray. The cone roller itself has a solid, heavy build and exudes quality.

Affordability: lists the kit at $24.95, which is perhaps a bit pricey for a package with some papers and a cone. Perhaps the metal cone’s heavy-duty build is what drove the price so high.

Overall: The full RYOcones kit is a little pricey for what it is, but once you’ve bought it once you can buy your own papers and filters later. For those who want a little rolling-aid, the RYOcones Cone Roller kit is a good way to go.

Score: 3.5/5

SF Evergreen photo by Mike Koozmin