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Taste the Future with the Puffco Peak

Why are people so afraid to dab?

In the years since this new form of cannabis consumption came into vogue, many were quick to write it off entirely. The charges against dabbing include concerns about getting too stoned (valid), trepidation over the necessity of a blowtorch to the process (reasonable), and an overall belief that dabbing is the purview solely of extreme potheads.

It’s this last point — that dabbing only has something to offer the most serious cannabis consumers among us — that’s in dire need of correction.

Instead, the beauty of dabbing is in its purity. By heating concentrates to a certain temperature, consumers are able to taste a given strain’s terpenes with remarkable clarity. The methodology of dabbing also ensures that users are only ingesting the “good stuff.” Compared with the amount of non-beneficial plant matter one cannot avoid consuming when smoking cannabis in flower form, the precision intrinsic to dabbing results in the most flavorful, measured hits one could possibly desire.

So why isn’t dabbing more popular?

For one, people are put off by the level of assembly and execution required. Dabbing takes a lot more equipment and patience than packing a bowl. For another, there is an unshakable apprehension surrounding the torch component of the process, which is used to heat the concentrate in a traditional dab kit. Lastly, dabbing requires a bit of upkeep between hits, making it a bit cumbersome and time-consuming as a shared activity.

Enter the Puffco Peak. This small rig may be pricey, but the power it packs is quite impressive.

Most notably, the unit operates on electricity, meaning the entire process is torch-free. Instead, users can either drop a dab of concentrate into the ceramic chamber once the atomizer is heated (old school) or preload the concentrate and then heat the unit. Both methods produce satisfactory results, but the latter option also allows for a new aspect to dabbing that was previously off-the-table: sharing.

Those who load enough concentrate for a small group and then heat the Puffco Peak can pass the unit around with ease, turning a once rather solitary endeavor into a group activity. The Peak’s lack of extra components and compact size also make it a breeze to take to a friend’s apartment or off on a road trip for the weekend (the battery takes two hours to fully charge and lasts for 30 dabs).

As far as the interface is concerned, this unit utilizes smart settings that rely on a single button to cycle through four user heat settings. One of the biggest drawbacks to many high-end products is how confusing it can be to master all of their bells and whistles. With the Puffco Peak, the quality is still there, but the interface is remarkably user-friendly, relying on colored LED displays and vibrations to convey temperature changes as well as something called “intelligent temperature calibration,” which adjusts heat times automatically depending on the temperature of your bowl.

Overall, the Puffco Peak is simply a tremendously impressive product, offering appeal to both seasoned dabbers and curious consumers ready to take the plunge alike. By consolidating the essentials of dabbing into a portable, intuitive, sleek design, Puffco has thrown down a dabbing gauntlet that will be quite difficult to top. If the price isn’t a deal breaker, there’s really nothing that tops it.

Potency: In terms of the unit, users can cycle through temperatures with the push of a button. The Puffco Peak hits clean and pure, meaning the potency of the concentrate you’ve chosen will be exactly what you will get. As always, there’s no trophy for clearing the chamber, so don’t be afraid to stop when you’ve had your fill!

Appearance: The unit measures 7” high by 2.7” wide. The limited-edition Sunset Peak provided for review features a swirl of sunset coloring on the base that gives way to a starry night sky. The base is nice to grip when held by hand and is surprisingly light as well.

Medical application: For those who require a serious infusion of THC, dabbing is one method of getting the most bang for your buck. The medicinal benefits of the Puffco Peak when compared with other dab rigs is the ease of use. Those potentially unable to operate a blowtorch due to arthritis or other conditions may find the electronic interface of the Peak offers a far more viable alternative.


The Puffco Peak,
$379.99. Available with multiple colors and customizations. For more information, visit