PUFF the Magic Drag

San Francisco gets the monthly marijuana-themed drag show it’s always deserved with PUFF at The Stud.

Drag and burlesque shows pack the house in San Francisco pretty much every night of the week. But one show packs the pipes, bowls, and vaporizers too, at The Stud’s monthly cannabis cabaret known as PUFF.

“We are the only queer marijuana rock-and-roll drag party in existence as far as I can find,” says PUFF producer Dan Karkoska, better known as DJ Dank. “We’re just out there to be queer and smoke weed together and have a good time. It’s a really contagious atmosphere.

“Plus we have the Stoner Raffle, we give away bongs, we give away pipes, all kinds of fun stuff,” he adds.

One cannot legally consume marijuana inside The Stud or any other bar. But you can legally win paraphernalia in a raffle, network with cannabis industry types, or watch drag queen Mutha Chucka eat an entire jar of mayonnaise in a delightfully stomach-churning performance.

PUFF doesn’t just throw in a few unconventional, non-gender-normative performers; PUFF is nothing but unconventional, non-gender-normative performers, with a marijuana being a common theme in the acts. Running on the second Thursday of each month since November 2016, the show has become meeting place for both the LGBTQ community and fans of cannabis.

“When I first got into the marijuana community, there wasn’t a lot of gay events,” Karkoska says. “There were lots of people that were LGBTQ, but there just wasn’t any kind of group to get together and celebrate being gay and enjoying marijuana.”

But this marriage made sense to DJ Dank.

“Even at the drag show that I was DJing at the time, Meow Mix at The Stud, we had stoner break in the middle of the show where’d all go smoke weed outside.”

SF Evergreen can neither confirm nor deny whether people still smoke weed outside The Stud. But we can confirm that PUFF regularly includes performers like former Meow Mix hostess Ferosha Titties, DJ Dank’s Under the Golden Gate partner Maria Konner, Tawdry Hepburn, Brandylicious, and DJ Sergio Fedasz of Go BANG! handling the decks.

“We’ve had Tom Ammiano come and perform,” Karkoska adds, referring to the politico and stand-up comic. “We’ve had Marga Gomez perform.”

There is some irony to marijuana event at a place where you cannot smoke marijuana.

“We are the only marijuana anything that’s still in a bar,” says Karkoska. “There’s no marijuana usage in the bar. We obey the law, but it’s important to have some kind of foot in the door for cannabis nightlife culture and the gay community.”

That’s why PUFF is exploring future usage events and smoke sessions elsewhere. When those events transpire, stoners and club kids alike are advised to PUFF and not pass.

PUFF, second Thursday of each month, 8 p.m., at The Stud, 399 Ninth St., $10; 415-863-6623 or studsf.com