Product Review: Ranking the Six Dosist 50 Vape Pens

Great things do come in small packages.

Have you heard the news? The company formerly known as hmbldt has spun the wheel and bought some vowels. Now known as dosist, the brand declared by TIME as one of the “Top 25 Inventions of 2016” has a new line of pens that scale down the original’s size but keep the precise formula they’ve staked their (new) name on. The jury still appears to be out on capital letters.

Now all six formulas are available in smaller, 50-puff pens that arrive in child-proof cardboard packaging that ditches the plastic thermometer case provided with the larger models. Aside from being a waste of material, it’s great to see the new dosist 50 pens do away with something unnecessary. Regardless of which formula you prefer, these perfectly sized pocket companions betray no odor and can safely travel on your person without fear of marijuana stink lines emanating from your jeans.

As to the question of why buy a dosist 50 and get only one-fourth of the use — there are several answers I’ve come to. One is simple: Rare are the cannabis tech and accessories that work as advertised for the long haul. There are some exceptions, but usually with vape pens there does seem to be a consistent element of diminishing returns. While heavy users may go through a full-size dosist pen in a matter of weeks or even days, mine definitely have to function for several months. Toward the end of my 200 puffs — or not, I definitely wasn’t counting — it did seem as though the pen wasn’t working as well. Thus, having a cheaper option meant to last for a shorter window does make a good bit of sense, especially given dosist’s policy of encouraging users to recycle spent units at their local dispensary.

The second element at play is the convenience of a smaller size. I’ve never felt the original dosist pen to be cumbersome, but the size of the new dosist 50 is ideal for on-the-go usage. It’s discreet, and the rounded design means you won’t have the outline of a vape pen against your leg. While a smaller size does of course equate to “easier to lose,” these tiny siblings to the main dosist line are quite simply ideal for those who may want to bring something with them for a weekend camping trip or any excursion where outlets may be in short supply.

With six fairly distinct formulas to choose from, one user’s favorite may be another’s least desirable option. Here are my takes on how they stack up.

bliss (9:1 THC ratio)
With the second-highest quantity of THC of any formula, “bliss” is a very traditional happy high. A full puff (precisely measured and cut off with subtle vibration at the pen tip) will get you well on your way. The uplifting terpenes included in the formula are definitely noticeable — this is a great pen to pass around with friends and get silly. Rating: 4/5

sleep (8:1 THC ratio)
Using cannabis to sleep has never really worked for me — I find the thoughts it provokes usually leave me awake and distracted from the task at hand. Unfortunately, the “sleep” pen from dosist didn’t offer any new solutions, but it did deliver in making me feel calm and relaxed. If you are someone who likes to dose before bed, this may very well be a great product to try. For my money, I think it may nicely pair with yoga or meditation as well. Rating: 3/5

calm (10:1 CBD ratio)
“calm” is all about the CBD. The formula also relies on myrcene and limonene, tertiary cannabinoids that many have targeted for their calming properties. This pen does the trick, although at a ratio of 10:1 CBD to THC, it’s not going to give you much of a traditional high. For some people — myself included — that’s not a problem, but it’s worth noting that this pen has far more value as a tool to quell anxiety than it does as a party favor.
Rating: 4/5

relief (2:1 THC ratio)
The 2:1 THC to CBD ratio is becoming quite popular with consumers and patients alike, and the “relief” pen capitalizes on this winning recipe. I’d say this formula is also an option for bedtime or as a post-exercise treatment. Great for treating minor aches and pains while also offering a subtle high, the “relief” pen may be the crown jewel of dosist’s collection. Rating: 5/5

passion (11:1 THC ratio)
The idea of a formula designed to stimulate sensuality and enhance sexual experiences is quite appealing, but I’m not convinced that “passion” delivers on its promise. For one, as the pen boasting the highest percentage of THC, a full puff of “passion” left me way too stoned to really be truly intimate. I guess you could scale back and stop before the full dose is administered, but for a product specifically designed to issue a precise amount, I can’t fathom how the folks at dosist felt this would be the right ratio for the bedroom. Alternatively, those with a heavy tolerance may find “passion” hits the mark, and despite the branding, you won’t be left in an awkward call-a-doctor-if-it-lasts-more-than-four-hours scenario.
Rating: 2/5

arouse (10:1 THC ratio)
So what’s the difference between “passion” and “arouse”? Not a whole lot, except that here the limonene is replaced with a terpene blend of linalool, farnesene, and nerolidol. I do find that cannabis has the potential to get me hot and bothered, and that using it as a way to get in the mood rather than as a way to enhance the moment itself is far more desirable. I’d still say knocking the THC percentage down a little wouldn’t hurt, but the concept of “arouse” is much more practical and potentially good fun. Rating: 4/5