Product Review: Lowell Smokes’ Premium Pre-Rolls

These exquisite packs have just hit the Bay, and unboxing them is half the fun.

You’ve seen the joints-as-a-pack-of-cigarettes concept in the modern dispensary era, but you’ve never seen a pack as impressive as Lowell Smokes. It’s the crowd-pleasing carton that will capture your stoner friends’ attention at parties — and the weed inside these pre-rolls is indeed formidable.

That marijuana is grown with their many farm partners along the Central Coast of California.

Lowell Smokes’ packaging is an austere but elaborate hard-cardboard fold-out, with dapper details across a solid safe-keeping box. Your joints lay meticulously in a faux-wooden pull-out shelf with a tiny compartment of high-quality wooden matches.

You’ll get caught up in playing with the pull-out-and-seal packaging while you’re high, in an OCD attempt to leave the container looking as flawless as when you found it. These pre-rolls are well-protected and secure in this engaging little fortress.

The flower comes with your choice of an Unwinding Indica or Dreamy Hybrid variety. An eighth-ounce pack with seven joints retails a little over $40, or a quarter-ounce pack with 14 joints goes for around $65 — and that’s before all your various local and state taxes are applied.

They’re rolled a little tightly, with a narrow crutch that’s brittle enough to break off if jostled.

But oh, is it top-notch pot inside that joint. Lowell Farms says there is no trim or shake in these pre-rolls, and the proof is in the puffing.

The Unwinding Indica hits quick, with a calming forehead anesthesia that lasts for a solid hour. The Dreamy Hybrid delivers a chest and neck tingle with a buzz that allows for socializing.

That’s why items like this may be the future of big-money retail cannabis. Lowell Smokes are delightful for a consumer to play with, but cut some corners on the old-school marijuana expertise.

But if you prefer an honest, back-in-the-day kind of joint, as many of us do at parties and festivals, Lowell Smokes is the total package for attractiveness, convenience, and a well-protected stash of top-shelf weed.

Potency: An above-average 19-percent THC sticks around for an enduring high.

Smell: The tightness of the roll job limits the pungency of the joint. But once lit, you get something of an ashy smoke.

Taste: Definitely piney and woody, but not exceptionally bitter.

Appearance: The box is a delight to behold and unpackage, although the half-gram joints are a little on the flimsy side.

Medical Application: Ideal for stoney relaxation, not so much for alertness.

Effect: The wow factor of the packaging is a recurring high that keeps on giving, but there’s also some impressively good weed inside these pre-rolls. 


Available in San Francisco at SPAC’s, Harvest, Barbary Coast, and Urban Pharm.

Visit lowellsmokes.com for more details