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Product Review: Borbón Soothing Herbal Massage Serum

The CBD massage oil adds an extra dash of physical jollies to your rubdown.

This cannabis publication doesn’t normally review products that do not “get you high.” But now that CBD wellness and beauty products are popping up at dispensaries and CBD mani-pedis are being applied at local salons, we have to acknowledge this emerging line of CBD sensations that come with no psychoactive effects.

A new CBD massage oil adds the non-intoxicating magic of the cannabis plant to a topical serum for ethereal limb and muscle relaxation. Chemically speaking, Borbón Soothing Herbal Massage Serum is not a mood-altering substance, but the comfort and tingle it brings to sore joints can definitely be mood-enhancing.

You’d barely notice that Borbón is a CBD product from the appearance of its packaging. It’s a normal-looking bottle of massage oil that only acknowledges its 70-percent hemp CBD oil content in microscopic writing on the back of the container.

They actually call it “Organic Pure 70+% Hemp Oil,” but that ingredient adds a noticeable, relaxing physical effect to this Damascus Rose essential oil. With an extra pop that legitimately improves your massage, it leaves a calm vibe in your muscles for a while afterward.

We do have to note that Borbón’s roller-ball head applicator is a little frustrating and time-consuming to use, however. Applying the ball-head directly to the massaged area is a pokey and not particularly comfortable feeling on sore areas.

So we gave up on that, and just rolled the oil out on our palms to rub on to the skin. A full feet, legs, and back massage with that method requires many repeat applications, and we found ourselves wishing we could just squeeze out a legitimate squirt of the stuff.

But starting at one point in the body and working across, you do begin to notice your already “medicated” areas feeling a specific, identifiable bonus relaxation setting in. Your limbered-up limbs will enjoy bone-cracks and stretches you would otherwise not be able to achieve naturally.

This is a very effective and powerful CBD oil, though it is not cheap. A 30-milliliter bottle retails at $78, and the 50-milliliter bottle is $89 before your local and state taxes are applied. But either size bottle represents a good, long-lasting  supply.

Borbón Soothing Herbal Massage Serum will not bring serious relief to chronic pain; that probably requires seeing a doctor. But it does add a dash of physical euphoria to your massage proceedings with a body-only buzz that won’t leave your brain impaired.

Potency: Strong enough to start melting your muscles within minutes, and the physical effects remain for more than 45 minutes.

Smell: A deep rose scent that pleasantly sticks around awhile.

Taste: You don’t eat this stuff! It’s a massage oil!

Appearance: The container looks like any essential oil bottle, and the only exterior mentions of CBD are in very small text. The oil itself is colorless.

Medical Application: Physical relaxation and additional stretch-factor in mildly sore areas, plus definitely adds a little zip to your massage.

Effect: Gives any massage a happy ending that kicks in while you’re still being rubbed, and leaves a lasting afterglow once you’re finished.


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