This Potrero Hill Salon Has the Bay Area’s First CBD Mani-Pedi

La Petite Nail Shop’s “Sit & Lit” manicure and pedicure is exactly as relaxing as you might think.

After three days stomping around at Coachella in the cutest shoes ev-ar, I needed one of those pedicures where you plunk your feet in a koi pond and small flesh-eating fish bite away all your dead skin. Actually, I needed piranhas to chomp my legs off at the knee. But instead of going the self-mutilation route, I went to Potrero Hill, where La Petite Nail Shop offers a CBD-infused  “Sit & Lit” manicure and pedicure — the first of its kind in the Bay Area.

SF Evergreen has written about “weed nails” before, but that was a South Bay nail artist crumbling bits of flower as if them for a joint, then placing them under the nail itself. This is different — and, to be clear, there is no cannabis-infused nail polish or anything like that. Since each component of the entire treatment is non-psychoactive — it’s TLC, not THC — you leave with a mild body high that keeps you mellow throughout the day. While you sign a release indicating acceptance of “feelings of lightness, floatiness, happiness, intense relaxation, & the munchies,” you’ll leave neither sedated nor baked out of your coconut.

Proprietor Charlene Yip began this service just before 420, stipulating that it’s only for people over 21 who are not pregnant — and while she’s discreet about it in a wink-wink sort of way, she’s keen on emphasizing the fabulous, buffing off dead skin with diamond dust.

But it all starts with a bath bomb, infused with 50-milligrams — either an awakening formula with peppermint, cedar, and citrus, or a relaxing version with lavender, chamomile, and bergamot. (We went with relaxing, because we’d already had coffee.)

“It might take an hour,” Yip said, offering herbal tea and a complete cannabis-free but still thematically appropriate brownie. “But you might feel it in 10 minutes.”

It was more like half an hour, which was perfect. SF Evergreen brought a highbrow literary magazine, only to lose interest midway through a long-form article and smile beatifically instead. La Petite’s 45-minute Sit & Lit manicure is $65, while the 60-minute pedicure is $85, and as it’s a relatively upscale salon, one regular patron voiced some trepidation about the concept, possibly equating it with teens huffing acetone.

Ever the friendly professional, Yip deftly allayed her skepticism, then got to work with a lavender sugar scrub infused with 50 milligrams of CBD, pleasantly warming when massaged into the arches and calves.

If you sit in the chair closest to Kansas Street, you can chill with a really excellent view of the Bay Bridge through the window, perfect for the application of the third and final cannabinoidal component, a 150-milligram pain-relieving lotion with that always-delightful icy-hot effect.

Then we got a spring-green polish, because it could not have been more seasonal on April 21. Were we gorgeous? Yes, and so was the world.

La Petite Nail Shop, 601 Kansas St., 415-796-2863 or