Strain Review: Platinum Jack, Shambhala Healing Center

While the legendary Jack Herer strain is widely known as a racy sativa, Shambhala Healing Center’s Platinum Jack left us feeling more serene than stimulated.

It’s unclear whether Platinum Jack is an especially excellent cut of Jack Herer or a hybrid of Jack Herer and Platinum Kush. The more subdued effect of this particular sample could be due to the influence of Platinum Kush, or it could possibly be attributed to a high level of CBN, perhaps resulting from a late harvest.

Shambhala Healing Center has the distinction of being the only San Francisco dispensary to successfully defend itself during the federal crackdown that closed almost one-third of the city’s licensed cannabis clubs. After receiving a threatening letter from the local U.S. Attorney in 2012, Shambhala temporarily closed its storefront and went delivery-only, then reopened six months later. Justice Department prosecutors responded by suing to seize the building, but a federal judge ultimately dismissed the case this past December.

Shambhala is also known for its popular 4:20 p.m. happy hour, when customers have an opportunity to spin a wheel to win free flowers, concentrates, or other prizes.

Potency: 27.1% THC (CBD, CBN unknown)

Appearance: These thick, springy flowers are a pale lemon-lime shade of green, with curly camel-colored pistils, and a golden glow cast by amber trichomes that leaves a tacky residue on the fingertips.

Aroma: A burst of nose-tingling turpentine, zingy pine, and milder fuel fumes wafts over a concentrated sickly sweetness reminiscent of lime gelatin powder. Hints of oak, Parmesan cheese, and grapefruit add dimension to the powerfully astringent stench.

Flavor: The flavor starts off light and woodsy, followed by a flood of carbonated lime rind and a bittersweet splash of grapefruit. A sharp bite of acetone, spearmint, and Splenda clings to the mouth and throat as traces of guava and toasted coconut emerge in the exhalation.

Effect: A lightheaded rush introduces a pleasant sense of relaxed mood enhancement and mental respite. Attention wanders, thoughts drift, and worries are washed away. The passage of time becomes incomprehensible as existence hovers at a surreal distance. This Zen state of calm contentment gradually deflates into heavy-lidded inertia.

Medical Applicability: Typically, Jack Herer and related strains offer cerebral stimulation and energetic euphoria that may help with depression or fatigue but could also exacerbate anxiety. Our sample (whether because of Kush genetics or CBN) acts as a soothing anxiety eraser, ideal for treating stress, tension, PMS, or PTSD.

Overall Impression: These Platinum Jack flowers are pungent and potent, inducing a quiet stillness in lieu of the speedy boost we anticipated.

Healing Center
2441 Mission St.,
San Francisco