Strawberry Cough

Outdoor Strawberry Cough

Harborside Health Center’s sungrown Strawberry Cough delivered the mouthwatering scent and uplifting cerebral high which distinguish this yummy varietal, but before long, both the aroma and the high faded into something more subdued.

Strawberry Cough is a hybrid of Haze and an obscure Vermont-bred indica called Strawberry Fields. Expert cannabis cultivator Kyle Kushman helped popularize the strain by sharing cuts from a clone he was given by an amateur grower in Connecticut.

Kushman’s own cut of Strawberry Cough, available through Los Angeles dispensary Buds and Roses, has won multiple Cannabis Cups, including here in the Bay Area.

Harborside Health Center, which bills itself as the world’s largest medical cannabis dispensary, rebranded outdoor cannabis as “sungrown” in 2011 as part of a campaign to educate patients about the benefits of medicine grown without electric lights.

Harborside has been a reliable source for quality, medical-grade outdoor cannabis in the Bay Area, even offering top-shelf sungrown in custom glass jars with engraved wooden lids.

Despite the increasing popularity of light-deprivation cultivation, sungrown is scarcer at this time of year. When we visited Harborside, Strawberry Cough was one of just two outdoor strains available.

The top-shelf option in a fancy jar did not appeal to us that day, but when we saw and smelled this juicy Strawberry Cough hiding in the corner of the display case and priced at $40 an eighth, we were easily sold.

Potency: 15.4% THC, 22.7% THCA (CBD unknown)

Appearance: These springy, slightly leafy buds are muted mossy green with rusty orange pistils. Their rounded, lumpy shape somewhat resembles an actual strawberry.

Aroma: An initial burst of fresh strawberries is accompanied by diesel fuel, sparkling lemonade, and pine, with traces of oregano and Camembert, cohering into a softly sweet herbal tea.

Flavor: A bitter sting of alcohol with a twist of lemon predominates over tart, underripe berries stirred into a thick jam, followed by toasty notes of herbed popcorn and a whisper of creamy caramel in the finish.

Effect: An immediate head high is powerfully soothing yet stimulating, with a subtler sense of physical relaxation. The mind feels restful but alert, heightening perception and inspiring creativity. Thoughts drift in a swirling stream and focus flows in unexpected directions. It’s mood enhancing but not euphoric, functional but not energetic. As time passes a hazy fog settles in, bringing head heaviness and droopy eyes.

Medical Applicability: The happily hypnotic mental high and mild but comforting body stone could alleviate stress, anxiety, irritability, and muscle tension, as well as offering daytime relief for moderate pain.

Overall Impression: This sungrown Strawberry Cough has an effervescent brightness that fizzles into satisfied release.

Available at:
Harborside Health Center
1840 Embarcadero, Oakland