“Orange Sherbet” From Norcal Farmz

We all know cannabis can make you hungry, but rare is the bud that actually makes you want to eat the flower it- self. The “Orange Sherbet” strain from Norcal Farmz is that outlier, which such intense citrus notes that it should almost be required that each tin come with a cup of fresh-squeezed orange juice. Did I say tin? That’s right! I am no one to turn my nose up at a glass jar, but there is some- thing practical and entertaining about the canned-nuts look of the packaging from Norcal Farmz. The tins are also nitrogen sealed, which, if nothing else, promises longer-lasting freshness. As an experience, the “Orange Sherbet” is very light and satisfying. The body effects were negligible at best, leaving mostly a cerebral, dreamy head high that is perfect for on-the-go enjoyment or smoking when you have something important to do in the near future.


Medium buds, fairly dense, substantially frosted.


Deliciously citrus-scented, with notes of pine.


I used a PAX 3 to sample the “Orange Sherbet,” and the flavor was not potent enough to overcome the normal vaporized-smoke taste one gets with units like the PAX 3.


Mild and short. At 27.03 percent THC and only .03 percent CBD, this strain is great for a quick session between activities but probably less than ideal for those seeking a sustained and intricate high.


May be helpful for acute anxiety and minor pains like headaches.


“Orange Sherbet” is going to knock you over, but sometimes that’s exactly what you want. The smell is heavenly, and the effect is entirely pleasant, if lacking in potency.

SCORE: 5/5

$45 a can

Available at: TheraLeaf

606 Saratoga Ave, Suite D,

San Jose, CA