Next Stop: Laugh City

The word “haze” implies mental ambiguity. However, Ghost Train Haze has a clearheaded, hard hit that knocks you off your seat and into a giggly, hysteric fit.

Ghost Train Haze was first created by Rare Dankness Seeds. It’s a mix of rare premium OG strains, primarily the subtle, creeper-like Ghost OG, and sativa-dominant Nevil’s Wreck. The strain first appeared in 2011, but is now steadily gaining popularity due to repeated Cannabis Cup victories around the country.

It’s known for a hard-hitting sativa high with a full dose of giggles (which I can confirm).

My ride on the Ghost Train began when I saw the strain on The Cannabinist’s list of critics’ 25 favorites. Being a critic myself, my interest was piqued, as I’d never heard of Ghost Train Haze. Further intrigued by the accompanying amazing review, my hunt for GTH began. Only recently did it end when I discovered it on the menu of The Apothecarium in the heart of the Castro.

Although the 18.5 percent THC content is lower than usual for top-shelf buds, I was optimistic, knowing THC isn’t the only cannabinoid that affects your high. The flowers came in dense, frosty buds with bright orange trichomes and an irresistible sour citrus aroma that left me with one response: “I’ll take it.”

If you’ve ever wondered what the crew from That 70s Show was smoking, it was something close to Ghost Train Haze. After the first hit, I felt as if I were floating. My eyelids lowered slightly and a happy smirk slowly spread across my face. After finishing the bowl, I was ready to hang out with my closest friends, enjoy the jokes printed on popsicle sticks, and watch ridiculous cartoons. The high was extremely euphoric, uplifting, and the most giggly high I’ve ever experienced.

After about an hour, I began to crave about every type of food. After settling on an ice cream sandwich, I found myself resting on my couch half-lucid watching cartoons and laughing hard enough for it to count as an intense ab workout. While in this state, I was introduced to PolyFauna. Created by Radiohead, whether it’s a game or an app I can’t rightly say, but it sent me into an alternative universe.

The high lasted about two-and-a-half hours, with hour long gradual comedown. Although the euphoria fades away, the uplifted feeling stayed for hours more.

Potency: THC 18.5%, CBD <1% Appearance: Not a typical shape for a sativa, the bud was round and dense with a frosty coating and an ample amount of bright orange trichomes.

Aroma: Sour, chemical-like citrus.

Flavor: Diesel and citrus with faint hints of piney Kush notes.

Medical application: Appetite stimulation or depression. The strain is great to uplift your mood. It’s not recommended to smoke GTH if you are prone to anxiety or paranoia.

Effect: A heavy-hitting sativa that boasts a clear, euphoric haze doubled with an extreme need to giggle and eat creates the kind of intense high that inspires Hollywood stoner movies.

Final Verdict: 9.7/10 Easily one of my favorite strains. While not a sativa to use to be motivated, Ghost Train Haze is a perfect strain for a calm kickback with friends.

Ghost Train Haz
available atThe Apothecarium
2095 Market St.
$55 1/8 oz, $17 a gram