Mission Organics Prerolls Get a Jay-Plus Grade

Mission Organics’ in-house line of prerolls pack powerhouse potency at a nice price, available through both their dispensary and delivery service.

A little-known way to save money at San Francisco dispensaries is to ask your budtender if they carry a house brand of flower. Many dispensaries do  “grow their own” cannabis for namesake-branded prerolls, eighths, or larger denominations, and these are usually available at a steep discount from other  brands.

One of the best bargain-bud deals in town might be Mission Organics’ $9.99 house brand preroll joint. Mission Organics is a mom-and-pop dispensary in the Outer Mission that’s also the city’s furthest-flung pot shop, but they also offer online delivery anywhere in San Francisco and as far south as Palo Alto.

That $9.99 price does not include your inevitable state and local taxes. But Mission Organics’ joints are full of high-quality Humboldt and Sonoma County cannabis, which means they’re still a deal even after those couple extra dollars are added on.

Each joint is not the standard full gram, clocking in at a slightly smaller 0.7 grams instead. But the flower inside these doobies is extremely potent at nearly 30-percent THC, and even serious stoners will find themselves declining that second or third hit.

You can sometimes find other joints for under $10, but these are usually the half-gram hooters, not a 0.7-gram roach.

Mission Organics’ prerolls come in three different strains: two potent indicas called Nitro Cookies and Sunshine Daydream that guarantee pleasant head trips, euphoria, and chill vibes. Both are loaded varieties with more than 29-percent THC.

A sativa variety named Banana Jack is the “weakest” of the bunch at 25.30 percent THC, but is still a couchlock killer that somehow feels like the most mind-expanding of these strains.

These joints hit harshly, though, and their very high potency will appeal more to heavy-duty smokers. A nicely constructed filter cuts down on the coarseness, and these are sturdily built prerolls that can survive a few sessions.

We remember a time last summer when new regulations went into effect and you couldn’t find a preroll in this town for under $20. Now you can get one for under $10. And Mission Organics’ $9.99 prerolls have decisively dank dope, making them one of the better bang-for-your-buck blunt bargains.

Potency: At 25-to-29 percent THC, these are remarkably potent joints for a $10 price point.

Smell: Fairly scentless prior to lighting up but extremely pungent once burning, with dank, oaky notes that will let everyone in a 20-yard radius know that you are totally smoking weed.

Taste: The indica Nitro Cookies have a full, dark-coffee flavor, while the sativa Banana Jack tastes grassier.

Appearance: Standard, no-frills plastic tube with a joint inside, but the jay is very attractively rolled and has a capable filter.

Medical Application: These are knock-down, drag-out joints great for festivals, parties, or relaxation, but not so good for productivity.

Effect: Solid old-school joint at a throwback price, with cannabis and craftsmanship better than many of the higher-cost preroll brands.


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