Loudpack Strawberry Shortcake Vaporizer Pen

Loudpack Vapes Expect You to Suck

This disposable vaporizer pen doesn’t hit it out of the park.

When I first opened the packaging for Loudpack’s Strawberry Shortcake vaporizer pen, my first thoughts were centered on the flavor’s necessity.

To anyone who enjoys the taste profile of strawberry shortcake, I mean no disrespect. In fact, I doubt I’d turn down an offer of a slice of cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, either. What I may be ready to decline permanently is the need for cannabis companies to create vaporizer pens that come in candy-store flavors.

The fact of the matter is that strawberry shortcake is actually a reference to the strain’s hybrid, so I can’t fault Loudpack here. Regardless, as more and more novice cannabis users decide to make their first trip to the dispensary, it concerns me that patrons may buy things like Loudpack’s Strawberry Shortcake vaporizer pen expecting some kind of Jelly Belly confection when the truth is this pen — like almost all others offered under similarly exotic labels — tastes like cannabis with a hint of sugar and fruit.

My qualms with Loudpack’s pen aren’t about the taste — although on that front, this product is fairly middle-of-the-road — but with its logistics. Case in point: This thing is a beast to hit.

With the advent of options like the dosist line of pens, we’ve become accustomed to being able to hit a disposable vaporizer with nuance. We can take a quick inhale for a light effect or breathe deeply for the full adventure. Loudpack’s pen makes the former option impossible, as the device doesn’t hit unless one inhales with mighty force. That means that over the course of several experiences, I got nothing — until I got everything.

For heavy users, this may not be an issue. But for anyone who enjoys the element of control, Loudpack is not the droid you’re looking for. When I was able to get a puff — a violent blast of vapor — I confess it actually startled me. The effect of this oil is quick and strong. Within minutes, I was fully immersed in a heavy body high. The sensation didn’t last terribly long, but I was more or less immobile (and pleasantly so) for the duration.

If you’re someone who likes the full brunt of being stoned, there’s no strong argument against this offering from Loudpack, but in our modern age — where the ability to personalize our gadgets reign supreme — offering a device that only works for one subsect of the market feels like a wasted opportunity.

Potency: Very strong. At 74-percent THC, this indica-forward oil is not for casual users or anyone who fancies a kiss of euphoria on an otherwise busy day.

Appearance: Golden oil in a compact black pen. It’s an excellent size for carrying around in your pocket, but I wouldn’t want to be out and about when I hit one of these.

Medical Application: Loudpack’s Strawberry Shortcake oil works well for a mental reset by putting consumers into an enveloping high that gives your brain and body a break from whatever may be bothering you. This means it’s likely a good option for those suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, and common aches and pains.

Effect: Substantial. While lasting roughly 30 minutes, the sensation that comes from hitting this pen is pretty much the dictionary definition of “in da couch.”


Loudpack’s Strawberry Shortcake Vaporizer Pen, retails for $28, available at Bay Area dispensaries.