The Legion of Bloom Terrapen Vape Pen

Let’s face it: There are a ton of vape pens on the market. Every day, a new brand emerges, promising improved user function, better hits, and sleeker designs.

The truth of the matter is that many of these pens are the same. If you like to vape, odds are you’ll enjoy most of them. Few and far between, though, are pens that distinguish themselves to an extent that one must seriously consider adding yet another vape to one’s collection.

The Legion of Bloom’s Terrapen Vape Pen may be one such anomaly, if only for one very specific reason: This thing delivers one hell of a punch.

Available in four separate terpene profiles — Re:lieve for pain, Re:lax for sleep, Re:vive for energizing, and Re:zen for mental clarity — I was pretty sure what to expect when I took a few modest puffs of the Re:lax formula. Rather than the gradual arrival of the psychoactive properties one ex- pects from cannabis, this pen sent me sky-high in no time.

One issue with vape pens that I hear again and again is that they simply don’t match the heavy lifting of bongs, other glassware, and paper-rolled products. I happen to think there’s an appeal to being able to choose how heavily you want to feel the effects of your medicine — versus the inevitable result of one massive rip from a RooR — but I understand the issue.

If you’ve ever wondered if a vape can go toe-to-toe with the big boys, you’ll find the Terrapen is ready to deliver.

It doesn’t surprise me that the sleep formula would pack a punch, but the swiftness with which two hits sent me straight for the couch was impressive, to say the least.

From a technological standpoint, the Terrapen is up to code with all the latest expectations of modern vape users. The device includes a preheat function, a three-range temperature indicator, and an on-off and mode-cycle system triggered by how many times you push the pen’s central button. (This ensures you don’t accidentally trigger a session while sitting in your cubicle.)

It looks like most others on the market, too. For on-the- go tokes, however, I still prefer the ultracompact, inconspicuous aesthetic of the PAX Era. Very few people are likely to mistake a liquid-filled glass chamber attached to an over- sized battery as anything but a cannabis-delivery system, but not every device needs to prioritize discretion.

It’s obvious that Legion of Bloom was more concerned with making sure the natural flavor of the flower wasn’t lost amid electric coils and metal containers. On this point, they have also succeeded. The hits I took from the Terrapen were bursting with flavor — in no way inhibited by the copperlike aftertaste inferior vapes can sometimes bring.

Overall, the Terrapen is a great product for anyone who wants a portable, simple way to get great hits from a vape. I’d say it’s more suited for living room and backyard sessions than covertly sneaking into concerts or days out on the town, but it’s well worth considering as an addition to any patient’s vape collection.