The Legion Of Bloom CBD TransdermaL Roll-On

As I continue to explore the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), I am struck by the fact that there seems to be no limit to what it can do.
As a nonpsychoactive cannabis compound, CBD has been the trendy option for many companies looking to appeal to a wider demographic than the stigmatized “stoner” population. Many CBD products are designed to look like any other supplement found on the shelves of your local drugstore, and some companies even take the ex- tra step of employing high-end branding.

Their efforts are paying off. The Legion of Bloom’s submission, the Zana Ayurvedic CBD Transdermal Roll-On, may have a long name, but it comes in a pocket-size bottle.

Given that it’s quite difficult to quantify CBD — like a moisturizing cream or daily vitamin, the results are often cumulative — it would be disingenuous to speak about the Zana Ayurvedic Roll- On in absolutes.

Here’s what I can say:

My wife has long suffered back and shoulder pain. The origins of her ailments are somewhat

mysterious, a kind of general achy malaise that has been difficult to treat. She’s tried massage, saunas, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and anything else you could name. The results are usu- ally the same: some short relief but no long-lasting improvement.

Now she’s trying CBD. So far, the results have been inconsistent, but there have definitely been some promising developments. The CBD contained in the Legion of Blooms Transdermal Roll-On works like a balm, warning the muscle with a burn as you work it into the skin. The formula used in this specific product blends CBD with wintergreen, lavender, rosewood, Buddha wood, marjoram, osmanthus, blue tansy, peppermint, ylang ylang, blue chamomile, helichrysum, and camphor.

That is a lot of herbal ingredients, making it fairly impossible to state with certainty which properties have the most substantial impact. What can be said is that the impact is real: My wife noticed reduced inflammation and less pain after each use of the roll-on.

The product also has a delightful fragrance, and its ease of use and portability are second to none. Many CBD products are packaged in jars and other containers that might be a tad bulky or inconvenient. That makes this roll-on — which can be applied directly to your body without getting any oil on your fingers or requiring you to keep cotton balls or a washcloth handy — a great choice for anyone who may want to ad- minister a quick dose of comfort while away from home.

While CBD remains fairly expensive and thus impractical for the patient who may require multiple daily doses to ex- perience results, as a medicine, its value continues to grow by the day. With the Zana Ayurvedic CBD Transdermal Roll- On, the Legion of Bloom has created a compact, appealing way to test whether CBD is right for you.

There’s never been a better time to find out.

REVIEW: 3.5/5