Lavender Goo Brings The Cool

Barbary Coast’s Lavender Goo draws you in with striking color and aroma and then opens the door to subtle bliss, offering a fresh perspective that inspires leisurely philosophizing.

Lavender Goo is generally presumed to be a hybrid of Lavender (a mix of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, Afghani, and Hawaiian genetics, bred by Soma Seeds) and Afgoo (an old-school blend of an Afghani indica and Maui Haze).

Located on Mission Street near Mint Plaza in the rapidly gentrifying South of Market, Barbary Coast is a San Francisco dispensary with the clubby ambience of a craft cocktail lounge.

There’s an extensive menu of flower, concentrates, and edibles, but the décor seems to signal an emphasis on style over substance. Flowers are weighed out to order rather than being prepackaged, which is nice, but it’s not so nice to see budtenders using their fingers instead of chopsticks or tongs. The flimsy plastic bags used for packaging are oddly incongruous in this luxe setting.

Flower quality can be hit-or-miss, but top-shelf selections are frequently excellent.

Potency: 20.7% THC, 0.4% CBD.

Appearance: A thick coating of shimmering resin gives these long, shapely flowers a crunchy look. They are predominantly purple, with hues ranging from dusted lavender to rich eggplant alongside dark earthy greens, bursts of lime, and a small scattering of lightly tanned pistils.

Aroma: Pungent pine with a twist of lemon and sharp gasoline fumes fade into powdered purple sweetness. These scents intensify when the flower is broken apart, and are joined by sweetgrass, tart pomegranate, and hashy, savory woodiness.

Flavor: A medley of contrasts includes sweet grape, sour apple, spicy dandelion greens, and savory sage. There are undertones of lemon rind, black currant, shaved cedar, and brut Champagne, with a soapy aftertaste and a bite of menthol and lavender extract that lingers at the back of the throat.

Effect: The first puff is like a mental reset button, offering an immediate sense of contented calm. This gentle stone is somehow both light and heavy all at once, mellow but not sedative, with a slight sensation of chest compression and an overall feeling of cozy comfort. There’s a subdued euphoria combined with slow thoughtfulness, until the meditative and mood-enhancing high gradually dissolves into dull grogginess with a side of paste mouth.

Medical Applicability: The mental and physical stoniness soothes aches and pains, relaxing muscles and relieving anxiety. Some may find it sleep inducing, but the mild cerebral stimulation is less than ideal for reliably overcoming insomnia. Overmedicating may induce lightheadedness.

Overall Impression: Lavender Goo’s pleasantly placid effect is loose and lucid, but eventually winds down to a hazy daze.

Barbary Coast
952 Mission St.