La Haute

La Haute Cannabis Capsules Deliver on Discretion

In 2014, a curiously enigmatic immersive art project was in full bloom in San Francisco. Known as the Latitude Society, its identity existed somewhere between high-concept performance art, start-ups, and cults. For reasons too difficult to explain here — check out the excellent new documentary In Bright Axiom for the full story — the society didn’t last long. When it was active, however, members subscribed to one tenet held above all others: absolute discretion.

Prior to regulation, the cannabis industry adhered to a similar principle. For decades, a low profile was the best thing for business. Today, there is finally no longer cause to remain in the shadows, which makes the popularity of products like the mints and capsules offered by La Haute all the more ironic.

To be clear, this is no failing on La Haute’s part. The company is simply making a product that customers want — but the fact that they want it is certainly notable. Packaged in stout bottles that give little to no indication of the contents inside, this suite of La Haute offerings is designed to ensure no one ever has any reason to suspect that there may be cannabis involved. It would be nice to think that the days of having to hide one’s status as a cannabis consumer are rapidly drawing to a close, but the truth is that stigmas so ingrained can sometimes take generations to dispel.

If absolute discretion is a priority, you’re likely to find a fast friend in La Haute. While the lack of emphasis on taste may discourage some consumers, you’d be hard pressed to find a subtler option than the company’s Happy Mints. Packaged in a circular tin, these small green mints are dosed at 2 milligrams of both THC and CBD apiece. With 30 mints in every tin, you can easily compound the dose based on tolerance level and desired effect. This scenario won’t appeal as much to those who regularly consume 10 mg or more as the economics won’t pan out in their favor.

The other three options are all capsules that contain minimal amounts of THC and instead focus on full-spectrum CBD. Each capsule variety is bundled in the aforementioned glass jars and comes with a count of 30 pills as well. La Haute’s Wellness Capsules contain 20 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD each and include powdered coconut oil and turmeric powder. The Dream Capsules line takes things down to 1 mg of CBD but adds in 2 mgs of melatonin to each pill. Finally, there’s the Relief Capsules, which offer 10 milligrams of CBD each and also feature ginger powder, galangal powder, and devil’s root.

As noted in prior reviews, it can be difficult to expertly assess the effectiveness of CBD products without taking them regularly for a prolonged period of time. With that disclaimer noted, the quality of La Haute’s offerings appears to be excellent. Two Happy Mints consumed together led to a vibrant but not unpleasant body high. As long as you’re not someone who has difficulty swallowing pills, the method of consumption could not be easier.

As far as the three varieties of CBD capsules are concerned, I personally fail to see the benefit of a product that contains only 1 mg of CBD in it. Yes, the Dream line is enriched with melatonin, but no matter how cautious you want to be with your consumption, a single milligram still feels entirely insufficient. The other two options — Wellness and Relief — don’t skimp on the CBD. As to the value of adding in elements like devil’s root and turmeric powder? It’s basically a non-starter. If you like those things and find medicinal value in them, great! If you couldn’t care less, it’s basically impossible to notice they’re even there.

All in all, La Haute’s offerings are a great buy for their targeted demographic — those looking to discreetly consume small doses of THC or moderate doses of CBD — but of little interest to the majority who fall outside of those parameters.

Potency: Minimal. La Haute’s Happy Mints are 2.5 milligrams each and the three capsule varieties vary in strength from 1 mg to 20 mg a pill.

Appearance: The mints are circular and green while the capsules are oblong and translucent (revealing the assorted powders within).

Medical application: Potentially significant. These are a great option for patients who are unable to inhale smoke or vapor as long as they don’t require significant potency. La Haute’s products also make sense for a patient who has to dose

in situations where discretion is required.

Effect: The Happy Mints produce a pleasant body high proportional to the quantity consumed. The Wellness and Relief capsules each provide the benefits of CBD, but the Dream option fails to offer any tangible effect.


La Haute products are currently available at Mission Organic, 5258 Mission St.